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Gingernutbizkit's Get-Thin-For-First-Time-Ever Diary

Hi all,

This diary marks the start of my goal to get within a healthy range for my height for the first time ever... and yes I do mean ever.

I was first put on a diet at just 9 yrs old and have never got healthy in the many years since.

I started in Jan and lost 14 lbs which I have kept off since but not managed anything more. I've just returned from a holiday in Lanzarote and realised that if I don't lose the weight now then I never will.

I have started the EE plan from Slimming World. I meet with a group of friends once a fortnight to weigh in (and have a meal :eek:).

I will be recording my progress on here regularly for all to see in a bid to keep me on track.

Join me?
Ging x
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Yesterday was the first properly day properly on plan for some time.

B: Banana and yoghurt
L: Heinz spaghetti and 2x bread (HEb + 4 syns) Mullerlight
D: Sausages (2), beans and mash, ketchup (2)
S: Alpen bar (3), Apple, choc (2) and options (2)

Total: 15 syns
I feel full and am loving SW's new plan :)
Day 2

Our regular fortnightly weigh in is tomorrow and I'm hoping to have lost 1-2lbs. It's been 3 weeks since last weigh in but I have had a weekend in London and a week in the canaries since. Tried to eat healthy but wasn't on any particular plan.

B: banana and mullerlight
L: scrambled eggs, mushrooms, smoked salmon and one slice bread (HEb)
D: Salmon, new potatoes and asparagus
S: flora (3) and galaxy ripple (9)

Syns total: 12

I've not been hungry at all today but I have had a raging headache .... wondering if it's due to sugar withdrawal :confused:

Ging x
Day 3

B: yoghurt rice with banana
L: Mullerlight (still stuffed from breakie!)
D: Pasta n Sauce with toast (HEb)
S: flora (1), choc (3), HL choc desert

Weigh in tonight..... I'll be back to update..... fingers crossed :scale:

Ging x

I lost 4 lbs

total lose of 1st 4lbs

Do i get a big slimming world round of applause, LOL :0clapper:

Ging x
Goal for my next two week weigh in is five pounds.

I'm away visiting family for my uncle's funeral tomorrow so not sure 'good' I'll be. I've made up some yoghurt rice for the morning but after that I'm unsure what I'll be eating. Was offered fish and chips on arrival but have been good enough to turn that down :drool:

Meal out in the evening I think so should be able to make it work. Just have to manage to stay away from the buffet :sigh:

ging x
Day 4
Bit of a disaster really. Had banana for breakie and then some sandwiches after the funeral. Wasn't really focused and so said 'yes' to some cake without even thinking about it :(
Went out for a meal in the evening.... it was lovely but the menu at TGI Friday's isn't exactly slimming ;)
Oh well, always tomorrow
Day's 5 & 6 have not been good, hence why I have not completed a food diary for you. :ashamed0005:
I have eaten take aways and three of my easter eggs seem to have *disappeared*.:17729:
I really need some support to get myself back on track :gen147:. I have bought the latest magazine :read: and need to menu plan. Must get back to 100% tomorrow and not let this weeks events ruin my good start. If I don't do it tomorrow I can see myself going completely off track.

Ging x:break_diet:
ok, day 7 not good either :(
I have a plan for tomorrow though so should be better, fingers crossed!
Ging x
Day 8.
B:sauteed potatoes, tomatoes, sausage (2), egg and mushrooms. Ketchup (1)
L: ham and pickle sandwich (HEb and 3)
D: chicken leg, cauliflower and sprouts
S: 2 mini eggs (2) Aero mousse (5)

total syns: 13

well, having a plan certainly has helped. Feeling a bit more optimistic :)
Day 9. :happy036:

B: yoghurt and banana
L: ham and pickle sandwich (HEb + 3) Crisps (5)
D: Salmon, asparagus and crab pasta in white wine sauce (1.5)
S: Smarties x2 (6)

Syns total: 15.5

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