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Gingersnap's Weightloss Diary

I always come across this site when Googling weight-loss related things, so thought it was about time I joined. So much helpful info and support on here. :)

I'm a recently graduated student living in Belfast, and since I was about 16, my weight has steadily increased, much to my displeasure. :mad: The sad thing is, I've always believed myself to be bigger than everyone else, when I wasn't really. Being a size 12 at 15 made me feel huge, but looking back on pictures, and because of my height, I looked healthy at that size. :sigh:

I blame a number of things for my increased weight, eating junk, drinking all the time as students are supposed to :p...but I have to say, one of the contributing factors is my boyfriend. It's true what they say about relationships making you fat haha. Luckily for him, I seem to have put on the weight for both of us.

A friend started Slimming World and I was surprised at how much she was actually allowed to eat, so I thought I'd give it a try. I'm not "officially" following the diet, as I'm not going to meetings, but there's definitely enough info on the internet (especially here :D) to keep me clued in. It was after I reached 16 stone a couple of weeks ago that I decided enough was enough. I've tried to follow diets before, such as Slimfast, or the Smoothie diet...but I get bored easily, and love food too much.:cool:

Four days into my diet so far, and I feel like I haven't stopped eating, its great. Weight myself this morning out of curiosity...and I have lost four pounds :D:D:D:D:D. Already beaten my first target to get below 16 stone, loving it.

It's not exactly a well kept secret that the Slimming World plan allows you to eat well, but I have to say, I never completely believed it.

Here's to another few months of feasting on Quorn, eggs, veggies, and Muller Light haha.

Lyndsey xo
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As much as I love coming home to see the family, my mother buys too many things that tempt me. I dont think Ive been reaaallllyyy bad, but definitely not as good as when Im back in my apartment. :mad:

Yesterday I had..

*2 Quorn sausages, 2 fried eggs
*Baked potato, chicken and coleslaw
*A piece of garlic bread - such a weakness, but I resisted having more than one.
*A mint chocolate ice cream.

So far today Ive had...

*2 Jaffa cakes
*A banana & chocolate flakes Muller Crunch Cornor (Eek the syns!:cry:)
*A bowl of vegetable soup, and 1 piece of wholemeal bread.

Im leaving soon to go back home, so its Muller Lights from here on out!
Really hoping this doesnt affect my weigh in on Tuesday morning, will be going for a long walk tonight.
Lyndsey xo
Week One - done!

Finally done with week one - and I have to say it hasn't been bad at all. Weighed myself last night - I've lost 5lb :eek: Really pleased that I've done it all by myself - here's to many more weeks of weightloss!:D

I've realised that I've been eating a lot of Quorn, so I guess that I'm having mostly green days. Making some Pasta n Sauce with Quorn chicken for lunch as I write this.

Feeling very optimistic for the week ahead, went shopping last night (followed by a cheeky KFC with the boyfriend, but hey, I'm allowed a treat) and stocked up on Muller, pasta, meat, fruit, veg and Quorn. I think the biggest achivement for myself is that I haven't touched a slice of bread all week...such a weakness.

Lyndsey xo

Is this real life?

I reckon I probably went over my syns yesterday by a bit...I feel like Im eating so much, yet when I really think about it, a lot of what Im eating is free.

Just now, I had three Quorn sausages and Low fat Chilli Chicken Supernoodles for dinner....all free. And Im absolutely stuffed.

I heart Slimming World. :love:
3 Weeks Later...

Well, things, as per usual, were going well until I went home this weekend. Weighed myself mid week (cheeky, I know) and I had lost a further 2 lbs...then I went home and ate syns a plenty. Damn my mother and her amazing cooking. So, weighed myself this morning, and I had gained 2lbs. I think it may be my time of month soon, so I'm not too devastated.

Today is the 3 week anniversary of when I decided to lose weight for the last time.

Loss so far - 7lbs. :eek:

I'm happy with that - I knew it wasn't going to fall off immediately, and this is probably the longest Ive kept to a "diet," if you can call it that, because all I've been doing it eating.

Here's to another 3 weeks and another 7lbs.

I've set myself a target for Christmas - to be under 15 stone. ;)

Lyndsey xo


but you can call me Toni!
Hi there!

I only started SW a few weeks ago too - and I'm doing it alone too just using family and Internet for support. I'm heading into my fourth week and I've lost 7lbs so far too :) Only 1lb off this week but I'm just happy it's going in the right direction.

Well done you! I'm like you, I've talked about dieting before, even tried to stick to a couple but I usually lose faith after a few days and give in. I was really surprised at myself how I've stuck to this one, and surprised how much easier it was than I thought it might be! The lucky thing for me is that my parents are currently doing it too so I'm never tempted when I pop by there! Good luck for this week :)

Havent been on this in a while, but glad to see someone is in a similiar situation to myself. My weightloss has been hindered the past two days, its my birthday tomorrow and Ive been celebrating all weekend. ;) Weighed myself today though and, somehow, I havent gained. Optimistic for this week, hoping to get to my next mini goal by Sunday.

Still not tired of SW yet, which is very good for me. The weightloss is slow, but its steady and Im not starving, YAY. :clap:

Hope last week went well for you :)
Lyndsey xo
Hello Lyndsey, Well done on your weight loss you have done really well ! Sounds as though you are really enjoying the plan too and that makes such a difference. Good luck this week.
Back on track...

Thank you Jilly:)

So last week was my birthday, and then I had my time of month, so the diet kind of went on hold. Started again last weekend, and weighed myself today. I was dreading it, as I wasnt behaving myself at all...

I actually lost a pound!

Who knows how, because I certainly dont.
Been eating well the last couple of days, and Im hoping to reach my second mini goal by this weekend.
Fingers crossed.

Lyndsey x
Oh Christmas, how you make me misbehave.

The last two weeks have been synful indeed.
Back on track tomorrow, Happy New Year!
Haven't been updating this frequently enough, but I am now 1lb away from my third mini goal :) I haven't been perfect, but my perspective on what I put into my body has changed dramatically.

Lyndsey xx
I'm terrible at updating this thing. Quick post to say I've now completed my third mini goal :) On to the next one!
I am so proud of myself. Logging onto here and seeing I've destroyed all of my Goals in my signature has made me so happy :) Time to update.
After smashing all my previous goals I have set four new ones. Another goal I have achieved is that my BMI has fallen from the Obese category to the Overweight category, I'm so proud of myself :)
My gym is closed for one week starting from today, so I'm going to start doing Couch25K as a distraction. I'm not a runner at all, so hopefully this will give me the kick I need.
Lyndsey xox

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