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Ginny's Food Diary

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Food Diaries' started by ginny27, 21 October 2008 Social URL.

  1. ginny27

    ginny27 ...I LOVE FRUIT!

    Slimming World
    Thought i'd give this a try... as writing stuff down seems to make a massive difference.

    2 weetabix (Healthy B)
    natural yoghurt
    frozen summer berries

    Quorn bolognese + pasta

    Can of spaghetti
    28g cheese (healthy A)
    2 quorn sausages

    Ryvita Minis (Healthy B)
    Curly Wurly = 6 syns
    Alpen Light = 3 syns

    3 Cups of tea (with Healthy A milk)
    Diet Coke
    Sprite Zero

    :) I'm doing nicely today.
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  3. ginny27

    ginny27 ...I LOVE FRUIT!

    Slimming World
    Tuesday the 28th October

    2 slices of Nimble wholemeal bread
    a banana
    2 apples
    500ml diet coke
    a dash of soy milk
    85g (raw weight) lean minced beef
    tomatoes, peppers, onions, garlic, mushrooms
    bunch of grapes
    sugarfree squash

    It's been such a deliciously cheap day!
  4. ginny27

    ginny27 ...I LOVE FRUIT!

    Slimming World
    Wednesday the 29th October

    • Scrambled tofu with cherry tomatoes, soy sauce and black pepper.
    • 2 slices Nimble (HEX B)
    • Apple
    • 500ml Diet Coke
    • Tuna in brine
    • 1 tbspn Hellman's light mayo (2 SYNS)
    • Loads of yummy salad veg
    • Danone lasting satisfaction
    • kiwi
    • 42g 1/2 fat cheese (HEX A)
    • 2 dark rye Ryvita (HEX B)
    Having my first red day in YONKS!
    Last edited: 29 October 2008
  5. ginny27

    ginny27 ...I LOVE FRUIT!

    Slimming World
    Sunday 2nd November

    It's a red day today. Meh. Boring. No cous cous cake!!!

    Bacon, egg, tomato, mushrooms
    4 sausages (4 syns)
    2tbspns tomato ketchup (2 syns)
    350ml soya milk (HEX A)
    soya yog, raspberries
    turkey ham
    2 slices wholemeal Nimble (HEX B)
    3 dairylea light triangles (HEX A)
    Muller Light
    Pepsi Max
    Packet of fish sticks
  6. ginny27

    ginny27 ...I LOVE FRUIT!

    Slimming World
    Tuesday the 4th November

    Banana on 2 slices Nimble (HEX B)
    Cup of tea with milk from (250ml soya milk HEX A)
    fat free yog with kiwi and clementine
    slice of cous cous cake
    bottle of water
    slice of superfree quiche
    Mug Shot-chicken flavour
    potato wedges *homemade*
    slice of superfree quiche
    can Pepsi Max
    glass juice

    Thinking of having some cous cous cake and maybe a yoghurt later. Quite thirsty...
  7. ginny27

    ginny27 ...I LOVE FRUIT!

    Slimming World
    Muller Light
    Muesli (a handful..didn't weigh it - oops!) HEX B
    mug shot
    2 finger kit kat (5.5 syns)
    Some leftover double pasta lasagne
    a cous cous cake
    1/2 a quorn sausage

    Not doing too well today. A WHOLE cous cous cake!? Rediculous.

    I'm going home to see my boyfriend tonight and I think i'm a bit anxious about food and everything. I've made a lunchbox of pasta and quorn sausage to take for my dinner... but I don't think i'll be hungry for quite a while after all that cous cous! haha.

    p.s. Cous cous cake is waay too nice.
  8. ginny27

    ginny27 ...I LOVE FRUIT!

    Slimming World
    thursday the 6th november

    baked beans and a baked potato :)
    a twirl (11.5 syns)
    quorn bolognese
    wholemeal pasta
    4 ryvita (healthy B)
    3 dairylea triangles (healthy A)
    28g cheddar (healthy A)
    pepsi max
    cous cous cake
    fuller for longer yoghurt
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