Going to do this......
going on girlie weekend tomorrow, with cheb Tracey ellee , cant wait, TRACEY dont forget dirty dancing!!!
dvd. Then on TUESDAY gonna start C D again for the last time hope to loose 16 pounds by new year, love to be in the 10s by jan 1st here hoping

Happy Christmas Eve eve!!!!!!!!!!!

Sooooooo looking forward to our weekend, gonna chill big time!

Dirty Dancing? Never seen it, nobody can believe I've avoided it this long!
Dont forget to be good.....................or he wont turn up!!!!!!!!!
cause he knows when your are sleeping
he know when you are good.
OMG, never seen dirty dancing, surely thats against the law lol!

Have a great one x
We're Home!!!!!!!:D :D :D

It was fab, loved every minute of it. It was just like one long slumber party!!!!

We watched DVD's .....yes I've now seen Dirty Dancing. Went for bracing walks along the headland wearing our santa hats. Played games, how come I never knew how great cluedo is? Read trashy magazines. Gossiped (a lot, well loads actually!) Opened our christmas crap bag presents. Helen went carol singing at the neighbours lodge, looked at the pool and the gym (just looked!), ate and drank far too much but most of all we laughed and laughed and laughed.

Can't wait to go again. Thanks fellow roomies for making the weekend so much fun.
thanks for the weekend just what i needed to keep my mind of things............
CANT believe your not a fan of Dirty dancing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!