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Girls Night Out and I was 100% :)

Just wanted to say I had a night out in Liverpool with the girls last night and stuck with it 100%!

I know its not quite the same (as I would have usually been slaughtered! lol) ,but I didn't actually feel much different. I had just as much fun and no hangover this morning!!! :D

My friends can't believe how much will power I have, which is great as I'm not really finding it that much of a struggle ... so far!

I amaze myself at my strength sometimes! lol So determined to get the weight off by christmas.

Hope everyone else is feeling as good as I do.

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Tink, that is absolutely brilliant! :D

So pleased you managed to stick to the plan, I bet you feel like a million dollars today knowing how strong you are.

Good times! :stickdance:
wow, well done, you must be really proud of yourself :D
The only problem is I remember everything I did last night!!! ;) lol x


Here we go again!
Well done on getting through that, it's not that hard though really is it? It's great you had a great night without any alcohol and stuck with this 100%. Another hurdle passed easily, well done!
hey Tinkerbell, I'm from the Wirral too, in Bromborough. Where do you get your LT from?
:8855:hey everyone , i finally got started after all my failed attempts ,
2 weeks down so hopefully it goes well from here , finding it much easier now , have to kick my butt into action and start doing some exercise , brill to see how good your all doing, it really helps with the motivation {:

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(hey Tinkerbell, I'm from the Wirral too, in Bromborough. Where do you get your LT from? )

Hi Vortigern

I get mine from a chemist in Heswall Hills. There is a list online where you can buy it.

Have you not started yet? Good luck x
I've got mine from one in Bebington, just curious where else stocks it. I'm on day three now of my own amended LT! Working like a charm and less than half price!
Hi Vortigern

Your start weight is similar to mine too! I have my second weigh in tomorrow, can't wait.

The week will whiz by for you. Once those first days are over its not too bad. You say you are doing an amended version, are you not following it to plan?

Good luck, tell us how you get on.

Basically, I have lifted weights a few years back and became a whiz at manipulating nutritional supplements. I have basically anaylsed the ingredients and nutrition of LT and have managed to re-create it based upon a protein shake powder and a few other ingredients. The bottom line is, it costs me less than half the price of LT and is working the same way.

I thought I'd write up my progress (See diary section) so that anyone who really wants to lose weight but can't afford LT can have a cheaper alternative. I'm not advocating which way is best, just that this alternative way also works and costs less.

Going well so far, jumped on the scales early and I'm down 7lb in 4 days although likely to be mostly water.
Hi Vortigern

Well if it works for you then why not! Very clever! :)

Keep us updated with your progress. Do you goto the gym? I've just left Total Fitness and thinking of joining JJB in Bromborough in Sept as I won't get there that often in the kids summer hols.
Also hoping that I will be switching to a healthy diet and exercise then after I have shifted the main lot of my weight.
Yeah I've been a member of JJB for the last year, it's probably the best gym in the Wirral as long as you use it. I've started going to boxing now, which is £3 a session, but I do 10 times as much and it gets a lot of aggression out. Loads of women are there too now!

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