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Give me the benefit of your wisdom!

Hi all

On day 47 of LL and not entirely convinced I'm well in ketosis. Ketostix used to be dark pink before I started bars and in weeks I ate only one a week because they made me hungrier. Anyone know if a pale pink ketostick means too much water OR not much in the way of ketones? My weight stays pretty static most of the week and if anything happens it happens over a day or two and those are the only days I feel cold. Have stuck faithfully to diet but am one of slowest losers in group - even when others have fessed up to having a wee nibble or a drink. V frustrating. Do I really have to ditch the cranberry bars? Am quite short - does this matter? Have PCOS - does this matter? Want to keep the faith but it can be challenging. When councillor said this diet was a 'no-brainer' I was happy to think if I do it the weight will go, and yet it seems that my body has other ideas from week to week. Am not a gym-goer but hey on 500 calories a day I could have a job as a door stop and still burn more calories than that. Anyone out there offer me advice or reassurance?

(Then tell me how I attach the info about weight loss below my posts! Total new start! Clueless :eek:)
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Yup, any tone of pink means you're in ketosis. I'm always pale pink myself. And some people do just lose more slowly - in my 100 days I rarely lost more than 3lbs any week. It IS frustrating that people lose faster but that would be true on any diet - the difference is that on any other diet the losses would be so small you'd not notice a weekly difference (if you're like me). Hang in there.


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Not on LL but do know from others that the bars can slow down your progress so as mentioned by others why not have a week where you don't have any and see what happens to your ketostix.


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Not on LL but do know from others that the bars can slow down your progress so as mentioned by others why not have a week where you don't have any and see what happens to your ketostix.

I have had bars from the word go and still have the occasional week where I loose 6lbs, saying that I do walk for an hour most days.
Thanks so much! That got me more information in minutes than I usually glean in hours of internet searching 'ketosis and LL' 'cranberry bars and ketosis' 'slow weight loss and LL' ya da ya da ya da. I think I have fallen into the 'who wants to be a millionaire' trap. I could have given you a cheque for £250 000 but now I can only give you a cheque for £125 000 - - and the contestant is disappointed!!! I am averaging well and have chucked out my glam Sainsbury's size 18 and 20 t-shirts and am playing dress up on a weekly basis in my 14s and tight 12s. Soon, soon (rubbing hands gleefully). Have ditched bars today. Satisfied cranberry craving with choc shake for breakfast. Will pee on stick I snaffled last week and see if any darker tomorrow morning. Now I'm off to get me one of those cool Tickers you all have x


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Firstly, congrats on your weight loss and shift of dress size, that must make you feel great? And well done for being 100% on the plan! That takes alot of determination and strenght! Sometimes its the tortoise that wins the race so remember that, and dont worry about the ketone sticks! You DONT want dark purple, light pink is best, as that shows you are drinking lots of water, if its dark it shows you are not drinking enough. The amount of water we drink dilutes our ketones!
You are doing great, so keep it up!
Incredible weight loss Dancing. I feel inspired. And loving that gallery of before and afters. Bizarrely because i always tried to pose in a 'conceal the fat' way for photos I cannot find a really 'good' one for before. I was too aware of not being in an awful shot. No doubt there are a few horrors I've forgotten about. Tried to get my ticker up and running but having a fight with the message on the signature thingy which complains about how many characters I'm using even though i feel I've whittled my info down to practically zilch. Any hints?

What diet are you doing? Your info looks a bit unfamiliar so I'm guessing it's not Lighter Life? I was going to say that abstinence is a funny old thing - Day 1 I tried a coffee with vanilla or caramel can't remember, that my councillor said would taste like a latte and I nearly had an exorcist moment...blahhhh! Today I make one and I'm thinking - ooo it IS like a latte.
Thanks Jellybabie - you start your plan in June or just join this site in June? (ah toes tapping, during the day when no one's home I can play my Dolly Parton loud and proud...9 to 5....la la la) I am feeling much more positive getting all this great info. And thanks for ketostix warning. Don't want to be a total amateur and put health at risk. 'Mon the tortoises!!
Strike that. I'm half a mug down. This is NOT a latte.
OK that was only one day of no bar and my pee stick is pink (and for once I'm not obsessing about hCG levels!!) and I've lost 2lbs in 24hrs. Coincidence? To reassure, I kept fluid intake up so not due to dehydration concentrating ketones. I'm only 5ft3 so it's likely isn't it that if the 3 packs plus one bar total around 50g carbs a day that I maybe need less to stay in fat burning mode? I may have to find my balance; one week on and one week off bars or one day on two days off...I could get carried away here! I am not desperate to be skeletal by the end of next week but I would like to accelerate through this size 14 phase. Sorry for anyone cursing me on that if they would be delighted to be in the 'size 14 phase' but you know how the mind works - - I need a half a stone shift to make my clothes fit differently and because the old demons are making me think of myself as fat again even though I can see I am just chubby now. (ah that's made me smile. am only chubby. only one stone from healthy BMI. banish the crooked thoughts) SO GET ME IN KETOSIS DARN IT. I can cruise through the last stone at a leisurely pace but not this one please!! Take me from chubby to Charlotte Church curvy, then sail on down to Catherine Zeta Jones womanly - and slip in some of her cash for a fabulous new wardrobe - and an oscar if poss.

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hi Supersize. If you have been follwoing the plan faithfully, there is no way you are not in ketosis, regardless of what colour the stix are. And they will vary in colour depending on your hydration.

Your heighth should not have any bearing. Physiology is the same for all of us - tall or short.

Try not to worry too much or hyperfocus on it. Relax, and enjoy getting out of those 14s, and it willl happen soon.



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Hi Supersize!
I joined this site in June and started my restart 9 days ago!
Where in Scotland you from?

Diane xx
Hi Jellybabie - I'm in Edinburgh, although spent a few years in Glasgow living beside Mitchel Library. And that fantastic Indian restaurant, what was it called, it burned down I think, Mother India? So is that nine pounds in nine days you've lost? Fantastic!


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Yes it is Mother India, my brothers friend owned it, i started on Friday (the one before this) and on thursday i had lost 9lbs (6days!) could not ask for better than that! Lol, a great start and all i needed to keep up momentum!
So, how are you getting on?

Diane xx


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Hi Supersize - I would say that you are definitely in Ketosis.... I lose very slowly (about 2lb per week ish) and I have PCOS and an underactive thyroid AND Im only 4ft 11....
Thanks Twinny - you know I looked at your weight loss and thought, yeah but you lost over 2 stone in only 8 weeks... then I realised that so have I!! Have taken a major chill pill since last week and am seriously planning on slipping scales under bath and just waiting for meetings.

And Jellybabie I am doing great thanks! Went for my midway weigh in last night (they'd obviously forgotten I'd requested this coz no bugger was in, but it got me out of house at toddler bedtime so not a wasted trip!) so I'm claiming the two stone my home scales gave me yesterday. Seems only fair!

Am still off the bars for this week though. I plan to see this experiment through. Whether right or wrong I'll probably buy them next week though. I miss my morning cranberry bar :( A banana shake and cup of tea just doesn't cut it!

And let me know if anyone has tried any of these alternative recipes and if any of them are seriously worth trying... I don't expect real chocolate muffins or anything but if it's just brown cardboard I'd appreciate the warning :)
And Jellybabie - does that mean your brother knew the guy who was in all those great photos by the door... this is me and Michael Jackson, and here I am with Lulu, oh yeah and this is me and Diana Ross... fab.


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hi SSize
I am finding that bars make me hungry? Although i enjoy them i feel they are tempting me to chew more "real" food. I think i will give them a miss next week too.
I have make a chocolate muffin in a mug in the micro and it turned out not too bad at all, but think am going to avoid eating anything chewable to see if it staves off my temptations LOL
Goodluck, keep up the good work

Diane xx

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