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hi all, am starting LL next wednesday am currently 18st 3, how much do you all think i could lose by christmas? im 5ft41/2 and a size 22/24. Also ive noticed that its now 4 packs a day, used to be 3 so why the change?


hayley x

They say a stone a month as a minimum so you would be around 14 stone by Xmas.

Saying that if you glug the old water and hang in there then it could easily be 5 stone.

Hiya Hayley

I'm on CD so don't really know a lot about LL or the packs but as far as i know the weight loss is similar.

i started CD on the 9th of April and on the 9th of August I had lost 3lb short of 4 stone and that was with a lot of breaks.

I've worked it out that you have 16 weeks from next wednesday till the 20th December.... so the first week you will always lose more, prob about 10lb (thats just an approximate cos everyone differs) and then if you stick 100% the average weight loss per week is 3lb, some weeks more some less but it averages out to about a stone a month. So I reckon you could lose about 3 and a half stone by xmas and probably more if you stick 100%!!!

hope that has helped!!

Gen xx
I think its still the same amount in the four as there were in the three.. probably just so the packs last longer?
It differs from person to person, My bro's GF started CD Mid March at 19st 10lbs and is now 12st 12lbs, she lost 2 stone in the 1st month!
Me on the other had I lose about 2-4lbs a week on average, I lost 3stone from Beginning OCt last yr til Xmas, I started at 17st 8lbs, so it varies.
Good luck with ur journey!
Hi Hayley
i lost 6 stone in 4 1/2 months on lighter life - now maintaining [for 2 months]
As said before loads of water helps speed things up!
good luck with your journey!
Weight loss can really vary on a VLCD and in my group losses have been anywhere from 2 1/2 stone to 4 1/2 stone in the first 100 days but I know the slower losers justified eating at times and certainly didn't make use of the pedometer and toning band ;)
Not sure is my answer as I am on the CD, but I have lost 22 pounds in my first week, starting at 19st 0.5 and am now 17st 7. But wanted to wish you all the luck in the world!

Thanks everyone, i will be happy if i can lose 4 1/2 by xmas.
just hope i can stick to it this time, Think i will, would be lovely to got out over xmas and not be paranod, also a return of my sex life would be a bonus!!

Hayley xx
LOL Know what you mean hayley 100%, but to be honest, only 22 pounds later and my confidence has risen already, dont forget to take photos and do your measurements as you can see results quite quickly too.

My sex life has already improved, but lights are still off! lol
thanks for getting back to me,its the first 3 days im worried about! Did LL in 2002 but was 14st then got down to 11 1/2 in 8 weeks, but have OH and 3 hungrey boys!

Hayley x