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Give yourself a pat on the back

Mrs Depp

Gold Member
As the title suggests, feel free to add your reasons for patting yourself on the back. :D I thought I'd start by telling you what happened to me today...

I went shopping after work late last night, came out to my car at around midnight and noticed one of those fluffy mobile phone holders on the ground next to my car door. When I picked it up there was a mobile inside.

There was no-one in the car park and no-one in the store who would be able to deal with it so I took it home with me. Now I know what you're thinking and, no I didn't keep it lol! :eek::D

This morning I switched it on and found the messages page and texted to one of the contacts "Please ask the owner of this mobile to contact me on" and added my number.

After about 5 minutes my mobile rang and a woman said "Hello I think you've got my Mum's phone".

Anyway, to cut a long story short, the lady gave her mum my number and asked me to please keep hold of the phone (I think she didn't believe that I would give it back lol!)

I spoke to her mum and we had a lovely conversation, she informed me that she had worried sick all night about losing it as she has a lot of family in Australia and only had their numbers in her mobile, as well as videos of their last visit and photos of her family.

She told me she works in a gastro pub just around the corner from Asda so I arranged to drop it off to her on my way to work this afternoon. She was very very grateful and tried to give me a reward for my "trouble" but I wouldn't take it as it didn't feel right. I didn't even consider not returning it as I know how upset I'd be if I lost my mobile.

So, I've given myself a pat on the back and felt so good to be able to put a lovely smile on her face! :D:D
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Well done Carol:patback:

Love Mini xxx


Queen of the Damned
Ahh that is lovely of you Carol - well done! :D


Gone fishing
Aww, you lovely lady. I know how much it will have been appreciated. My son left his phone on the bus a few years ago. It was picked up by a young lad who phoned me.

So lovely when people are honest.:cool:

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