given up smoking


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hi, i stopped smoking 2 years ago on weds, ive lost 4 stone since then too and i never thought i would do either. carrot sticks were my savior when i gave up smoking and i started walking a lot more cos my breathing got better. good luck with everything.
my new years resolution is to stop putting so much pressure on myself...not doing too good at the mo but its work in progress :)


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I have not smoked since Dec 29th but I'm trying not to make a song & dance about it! It seems far too soon to be celebrating!


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6 weeks is the time to get too. It's easier after that;)

Good luck everyone!


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Good luck to everybody who's given up smoking, and massive congratulations on any days you've had smoke free so far! It'll be 25 weeks for me tomorrow, and I've got to the point now where I don't miss it any more. It's a lovely feeling :)

I'll be keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you all xxx


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I gave up on the 1st January, haven't had one yet!
Surprisingly I really haven't had many cravings (I wasn't a particularly heavy smoker anyway, at most I had 5 a day, more if I was drinking), but I've been REALLY irritable... so clearly my moods are telling me I want one, but I don't feel like I do!
Carrot sticks are great, I also swear by celery sticks.
The hardest times are the times I'd usually go for one - breaks at work, at the pub, when the boyfriend goes for one etc., so far I've just picked up my book and started reading (really into my book atm so it's working really well) or munched a celery stick, or both! :D


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I gave up about 7 months ago and don't miss it - I hate the smell of them when my oh smokes but she has stopped on Jan 1st. Very proud of her.

It's the best thing I have ever done and gets easier and easier.


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My best friend came to mine last night and was smoking- i've done nothing but vomit all day, eurgh.


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Me too! I've found week 2 a lot tougher than week 1 for some reason.

I gave up when I was 25 for 5 years, then stupidly started again about 2 years ago. I'm finding it so much harder this time around!

Keep going everyone, we're doing well! x