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given up...


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S: 14st13.8lb C: 14st10.4lb G: 8st8lb Loss: 0st3.4lb(1.62%)
Well went to doctors this morning..about the last bit of bulge on my stomach that i've been breaking my back too lose

to find out its loose skin!

i knew it hung obviously but still thought it was fat...

she said i should try maintain my weight as it is and if i don't like it that much then look into surgery

But i've been lookin into surgery (alot of money)

but if i have kids later in life wont i be back to square one...

would of thought my ideal weight would of made me happy but now i'm :( cos i still have the rank stomach...

never mind!x

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Stephy don't give up hun !!
You are doing so well focus on the positive things...getting to your ideal weight will extend your life, you will fit into lovely clothes, you will feel healthy

PLEASE PLEASE don't give up....by getting to your ideal weight you can still look good....

we all have hates about our bodies...but we have to live with it , we can't do anything about them apart from accepting them.......I hate my tummy it will never be the same but guess what...I feel great for losing weight and can't wait till i can go clothes shopping and fill my wardrobe up,,,,,I feel so positive in life now........

I have spent nearly 10yrs moping around after the NHS ruined my body...but I have had to put that in the past and move on hun

Stay strong don't you dare give up, we are here for you xxxxxx


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ow steph. hope your feeling ok...like doc says when you have kids you will be back at square one.i remember getting down to my goal weight and feeling great.. then found out i was pregnant, i have never been that weight again that was 12 years ago.
your body does change through your life. there isnt alot you can do about loose skin..just buy some gok pants to hold it in.lol.. you ll be fine. x


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Hi Hon

Don't forget that our skin takes a lot more time to react to losing weight than the rest of us. When I previously lost weight and got down to my target I felt very similarly to how you seem to be now. But over the next few months after getting to goal I moisturised with firming lotion every day, I kept hydrated and I maintained the exercise, and as time went on the 'apron' really improved!!!!! I have already done the child thing and had a couple of ops so I know it will never be perfect, but it definitely got to a place I was ok with.

So my advice is keep doing what you are doing, massage it with a good quality firming lotion and keep the exercise up and you will see a difference over time.


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S: 14st13.8lb C: 14st10.4lb G: 8st8lb Loss: 0st3.4lb(1.62%)
Thanks ladies.

Seeing a consultant Thurs about it but after that I'm gettin right back on track :) xx


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S: 18st5lb C: 14st2lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 35.1 Loss: 4st3lb(22.96%)
yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh....so glad hunny.....let us know how you get on xxx

after having the twins i was so chuffed i didn't have a bad belly then I had a hysterectomy and that went wrong so had corrective surgery and now I have a belly apron.....but what the heck at least it hasn't strings lol...i'm used to it now and accepted it :)
S: 14st13.8lb C: 14st10.4lb G: 8st8lb Loss: 0st3.4lb(1.62%)
Right ladies .. ive had my sulk lol

So i'm 10.6 would love to be under 10 stone not for my belly or anything just would love to see a one figure number lol

but thanks for all the kind words and im back on it :D xx
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Thats the spirit hun !

I too am going to be facing this problem , I had 2 cesareans and already have an overhanging belly :(

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