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Giving it a go...


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Hello fellow weight watchers.

Well i'm joining weight watcher tonight with my mum!

I've acknowledged that i need to do some exercise aswell as follow a plan to lose weight so i've borrowed a lateral thigh trainer and i'm going to use that aswell.

I go to Turkey in 7 weeks and would like to lose a bit of weight before then.

Wish me good luck for tonight.

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Good luck Snail for this evening, I'm sure it will all go well for you. xx

Oh and welcome to ww.....
HI there

How was the trip to Turkey? was it hot? and your going again in 7 weeks!! you lucky thing.

Good luck with weight watchers. I wish i could do a plan like that but food is an obsession to me so i have taken it out of the equation altogether.

Take care

Ruth xx


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Turkey was fantastic thanks, i didnt want to come home!!

Yep back again on 24th june for one week, then prob again end of august beginning of september just before i finish uni!!

I hope WW works for me this time, especially with doing the exercise aswell.

I would do CD if i could afford it but i keep going to turkey so cant lol.


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Hi Snail.

Hoipe the first meeting went well! This Thursday will be my 3rd WI and have lost 7lb already... It works


One Last Time.......
yeah i am pleased... hope to have 2-3lb loss at wi on thursday.. Although have not been for a run sine last thursday as feeling a little under the weather


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thanks for the warm welcome everyone!

thats a brilliant loss raudi i bet you're really pleased.

doubt i'll start a diary thread cos i'm quite boring really and dont keep up with them either lol.

the meeting went well, started yesterday so today is day two. everyone brought loads of munchies in uni today, crisps, biscuits, chocolate, mini donuts, mini flapjacks etc and i didnt have one little mouthful, i sat there with my ww toffee crisp bar oh and someone had brought hummus and crudites so i ate te carrots and peppers lol. how good am i eh?

not doing well with the exercise yet, cant be arsed lol :p . need to do some though so might go for a walk.
doubt i'll start a diary thread cos i'm quite boring really and dont keep up with them either lol.

Have you seen our diaries?? :rotflmao: I was worried mine was boring too but then thought 'Who cares if it is' Im doing it for me, if people read it thats great, if they comment even better but ultimately I really find it helps me. AND its amazing reading back already, its a great record of my feelings, emotions and achievements.

Id totally recommend it

And besides we're all that blooming nosey on here ;)

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