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  1. nyssa88

    nyssa88 Silver Member

    Hi all, I've been lurking around here for a while, reading others diaries looked up judd and intermittent fasting etc and am going to give it a go.

    I followed s&s at the beginning of last year I lost almost 3 stone but have gained 2stone back whilst faffing around and trying to get back on track!

    I've been trying to get back on with s&s for the past few months but just can't get past day 3 then because I'm starving I devour crap!

    3 weeks ago I lost 2lbs a week so 6lbs whilst following s&s a couple of days then eating for a day back to s&s so sort of like judd.

    I can follow the first 2 days of a vlcd diet with no problem so I can see dd being very easy for me, I know you can get quite a bit of food for 500calories with planning but I am going to stick to my shakes and meal packs on my dd for the time being.

    I'm going to weigh in tomorrow and take that as my starting weight for judd as that will be a true start weight even though I've been pretty low on the calories today as was trying to stick to my vlcd but it just isn't working for me anymore :-(
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  3. ladybird777

    ladybird777 Silver Member

    I hate the daily grind of vlcd and admire those who can do them for months. I find Dd easy. I fast on them now but I do from 5pm - 5pm or thereabouts. It seems easier. Good luck :) I've lost loads on it and only been doing it nearly 4 weeks. xx
  4. nyssa88

    nyssa88 Silver Member

    Thank you and you have done great so far I've read your diary when lurking previously.

    I have asked this before but have forgotten, When you fast do you eat your 500 calories in those 24 hours as a dd or have nothing? X
  5. ladybird777

    ladybird777 Silver Member

    I usually have nothing but black coffee, herbal tea and water. Occasionally I have a shake before bed as I can't sleep on an empty stomach but that usually if I haven't eaten enough on my UD. I'm not a daytime eater anyway so find it easy to not eat until tea time. Drinking lots of water helps. :) x
  6. nyssa88

    nyssa88 Silver Member

    I'm the same with regards to eating I can go untill 4 ish easily with no food, when you have done say your 5-5 fast do you then have your ud calorie allowance for the next 5-5 period?

    I'm just confused as to how it works as in what follows after x
  7. Welshmamma

    Welshmamma Silver Member

    Check out the first page of Hannah's diary and the schedule is on there hunnie xxx
  8. ladybird777

    ladybird777 Silver Member

    Yes I eat all my UD calories from 5pm - until the following 5 pm. I know I was confused at first too. Han's schedule will help :) xx It looks like UUD DDU UUD etc
  9. ladybird777

    ladybird777 Silver Member

    um .....that was as clear as mud - sorry :(
  10. nyssa88

    nyssa88 Silver Member

    Thanks il take a look :)

    Lol no I understand what you mean, did you start off doing alternate days or did you do the fasting from the beginning? X
  11. nyssa88

    nyssa88 Silver Member

    I just re-read your diary ladybird at looked at the schedule from Hannah's diary and totally understand it now.

    I'm going to draw up a little table later for my own schedule and decide what days to fast etc x
  12. ladybird777

    ladybird777 Silver Member

    Oooh good. Glad you've got it sussed. It took me a while. I perused Han's diary for ages xx
  13. RebekahR

    RebekahR Gold Member

    Hi hun

    I remember you from s&s, juddd is great and very flexible. Draw up a schedule that works for you

    When I tried it preop I couldn't get on with hans way. However now its great and I'm finding it much easier!!

  14. nyssa88

    nyssa88 Silver Member

    Thanks for that info, il give it a go and see how I get on as I don't normally eat untill late any way I think I may find it ok but will see.

    I will have a read of your diary but how have you found judd since s&s? X
  15. RebekahR

    RebekahR Gold Member

    I have a diary in the members section. I'm giving it a whirl for maintenance only started again this week

    I maintained till my op keeping eye on calories etc I tried juddd but just found it hard straight off the bat

    I'm at 7 weeks post op so I've been strictly following surgeons diet since! Will see how it goes for maintenance :)

    So we are new to it together!
  16. nyssa88

    nyssa88 Silver Member

    That's brilliant with maintains for that long and I'm sure you will keep it up on here :)

    I was 12st 8 at last weigh in and have faffed around since then so hoping I haven't gained for tomorrow, il be happy with a 2lb a week loss if that's achievable but I'm sure with the fasting it will be x
  17. nyssa88

    nyssa88 Silver Member

    Wow weigh in day today for me from last week and I'm down 1.6lbs to 12st6.4!

    I really can't beleive it as I ate alot yesterday and felt so full and bloated this morning!

    I did s&s for 3 days at the beginning of the week and have eaten for the past 4 days and alot without counting in some of those days.

    I really can see now that by following judd properly I will lose weight :)
  18. nyssa88

    nyssa88 Silver Member

    I've decided I'm going to fast from 5-5 starting tonight, I am going to allow myself 200mls of milk to get me through with coffees and will also drink diet drinks, water and squash etc

    Going to try and have a protein meal at around 4ish then that's me done untill tomorrow :)
  19. RebekahR

    RebekahR Gold Member

    Sounds like a plan Xx enjoy your meal :)

    Well done on the loss
  20. Belle

    Belle Full Member

    Well done on your loss x
  21. nyssa88

    nyssa88 Silver Member

    Thank you x

    Thank you it's only small but I wasn't really following anything so hoping il get a better loss this week x
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