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Giving up smoking and dping sw

Hey lovelies!!
Hope everyone well! Just a quick question... I gave up the dreaded cigs a week and a half ago, struggling at mo, cravings hell at night. Using patches and not doing bad... Stuck to plan, not eaten anymore and excercising 3 times a week. This is my 3rd week on sw (shifting my final stone after shifting that and then some last yr) so I gave myself a week of getting back into it before I quit the cigs.
Anyhooos, Monday I only lost half a pound. I know it's a loss and I'm keeping positive and still on plan but was a tinsy bit gutted as my weight losses in the past were consistent to 1-2lb a week.
Getting to my question :-D Has anybody else done sw and tried giving up the cigs? Be interesting to hear how others have got on! X
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Bump!! :(


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hi and well done to you on both counts. the quitting smoking especially. i gave up a year ago and did slimming world alongside but with using my old books as there wasn't a class nearby. i lost 14lb in the first 4 months which was less than 1lb a week. don't be disheartened, easier said than done i know BUT your body is dealing with the nicotine cravings AND the change of lifestyle with food. the very fact that you have adapted your diet whist quitting smoking is a massive accomplishment in itself.
my best advice to you, is to not put huge amounts of pressure on yourself. i was very very strict with myself and after those 4 months i did put some back on because looking back i believe i expected too much from myself too soon.
soooo follow the plan, but be good to yourself aswell, don't beat yourself up and keep up the fab work on staying quit.
well done and good luck :)
Thank you katty and well done on your achievements!! I seem to be staying on plan but scales don't wanna budge! Saying that I've quit before 'off plan' and gained more than a stone so should be grateful really! Bloody cigs.... Whoever invented should be shot! Well.... Onwards and upwards as they say! Thanks for taking the time to reply xx


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the scales are stuck fast for me too at the moment, i know how frustrating it is, like you say though, we'll battle through it, they've gotta change sometime if were doing it all right :)

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