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rainbow brite

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I've just got hold of the first season after seeing it advertised and super looking forward to watching it - just my kinda thing :D

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I love Glee! So much fun! Yay! x
I watched the first two episodes when they were shown on E4, then completely forgot about it and am now waiting for the DVD. From what I saw, it was good stuff.
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Hubba Hubba :character00100::character00250::bananalove::heartpump:

I love it, Im a complete Gleek!

Were nearly done for this "season" though :mad:

On IMDB it lists 24 Eps as full season 1 & that they cut it short at 14 and what they are calling "season 2" is actually just the 2nd half of season 1 cause its listed as starting in April on Ep 15, if this is the case, they may well wait for the full 24 to air untill they release the DVD for the full Season 1.

Plus side here in the UK if they decide to run it a week behind the US like they do most shows now, we might not have to wait that long for the 2nd half :p:D
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I love Puck xx


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I am a huge Gleek lol. I have seen episodes 1-13 and love them so much. Have been listening to the first album tonight and watching lots of the video's on Youtube too! I am obsessed with Kurt!!! and think Puck and Finn are gorgeous...esp Puck lol. Roll on series 2!!



Away with the faeries....
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How can you not get it? It's a brilliant series about a "Glee" club, otherwise known as a drama club where they enter into competitions between schools! :)


Loves the Nom Nom!!!
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I love it love it love it!!!! :D

My partner "hates it" but is always asking me whats going off :giggle: and theyre all humming dont stop believing and cursing my name at work mwahahahahaha


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I love Glee!! Seriously addicted, cant wait to get the box set when it comes out, I just enjoy how its such a fun and lighthearted show.


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I'm such a Gleek

Am love love loving tonight's Madonna episode!! :eek:



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Is it sad that I'm pleased I have E4 +1?
(to be fair my blimmin mother rang half way through first viewing!!)

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