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glycogen weight?

NO idea, sorry. Hopefully somebody on cd will answer you :)
Apparently, after you come off VLCD you gain half of what you lost in first week usually about 3 or 4lb which I did at start of week. I am now back to what I was but with no loss so far but that probably explains it.

I do wonder if I am eating too much though on UDs.
I think I might be eating too much on up days too at the mo :(
What are you eating Stirky?

I said on other post but I think body knows when you are overeating. You can tell if you are just eating for eating's sake and if you feel stuffed afterwards. I ate quite a lot today but I feel ok whereas the other day I felt terrible. I think I am going to go with that. Perhaps we should follow Paul McKenna's weight loss advice about not eating til we are full.
I'm usually not happy unless I leave the table stuffed but CD has actually shown me that it is a far nicer feeling to be a bit hungry all the time instead of that ugly bloated way.
I think I feel bad as I've been on slimfast for quite a while so used to having no more than 1340 cals a day. 2000 seems like so much to me lol. Although have had a few biscuits today, a four finger kit kat and an almond croissant this morning, so feel guilty now :( It's weird how I'm finding the up days harder, think I need to be a bit more strict on them and then I'll feel better.
I did have a good dinner though, a grilled chicken thigh with a little bit of rice and some salad :)

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