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Did anyone see the couple on gmtv a few mins ago?
I am so sorry I didnt catch their names - they had lost i think 20stone between them in a year. They said on VLCD and mentioned cognitive therapy so I am guessing it was LL.
But all i can say is WOW
She had gone from a size 24 to a size 6-8
He had gone from a 42 inch waist to a 28 inch!!

I was struggling not so succomb to the bacon and eggs someone else in my house is easting this mroning - they came on tv and gave me a much needed boost.

If anyone knows them - please pass on my congratulations on such FANTASTIC weight loss.
Ooh I didn't see that item - was too busy yelling at my brats to get their shoes on - but sounds like that couple has done brilliantly!!!

Real incentive to stick to the plan 100% isn't it, when you see real life people changing their lives.

Size 6-8??? Blimey!!!!!
yeah I saw them they gave me a boost to showing me how fab you can look after.
Congratulations to them.