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Go Lower diet

I have ordered a weeks supply of this ( hopefully will come today) to see what the food is like before i commit to a bigger "box" - anyone else out there on this diet? I am doing cambridge at the moment but am beginning to come off the rails a bit too much and so am hoping that this will fit in with my life more easily and although the rate of weightloss may not be the same, I am hoping ( depending on the taste!) that I will be able to stick to it longer and eventually branch out on my own once I have slightly more motivation/success with losing the weight.

If anyone is doing golower would love to hear of your experience to date
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Ouch thats 11 pounds aday . said try it for 77 pounds . rather alot of money. If you think you can ask people on here about low Gi diet food and ask for help with ideas so won't cost you much money ???? Save cash . Anyway tell us what you think of it ok . good luck
i know - it is lots but to be honest i am tired of crrying all this weight around, I am tired of constantly trying new diets and buying books and mags, turning up to weigh ins and never actaually committing to anything - i go shopping and buy lots of good healthy food and end up eating out or having that food and then something else...if i do the 3 month programme it will work out at apptox 8.50 a day for 3 meals and a snack - all worked out for me, shopped for me , counted/cals whatever for me- i know it makes me sound incedibly lazy which I am not - its just that i need something to make me believe that this will happen for me, something to help me get to the point where i feel confident that something is working and I can once again take control..at present I feel like a failure once again and i just want to forget dieting for a while ( whilst losing weight) and this way I hope I can have my cake and eat it ( except rather then cake it will be low carb/low GL meals). thansk for reply and will keep you posted how it goes- didnt arrive yesterday so fingers crossed for tomorrow - tuesday start:)


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How are you getting on? I am just coming to the end of a 28 day box but totally blew it the past week which is a real shame - my own fault, sigh! Have got 3 months supply and plan to try a lot harder as I know this diet suits me. Just wish there was a magic pill that could make me hate chocolate haha
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Hey Credenhill, How are you getting on? Have you now completed your go lower plan? I just started the other day, got a bit of a headache today but I have been told thats a sign I'm going into ketosis. Really liking the food so far which is a bonus.
Inthesummerof69 I think they have changed their offers now, it doesn't seem that expensive, I am on one of the programmes and it worked out cheaper than that. www.golower.co.uk


Stubborn and doing it
Hello Bigbum hehe - or should that be gettingsmallerbum *groan*

Btw, I used to be Credenhill - Mini kindly changed my username.

I did Diet Chef for a bit - you will find me posting in the Diet Chef forum even though I'm doing Go Lower at the mo.

I lost a stone on DC back in October, then lost again with the Go Lower box, but gained a lot over Christmas. You know what it's like haha! I'm a typical yoyo unfortunately.

I'm happy with my loss so far - restarted again in Jan (didn't we all hehe). I did Diet Chef but think I'll stick with Go Lower for now - I just love nuts and the crunchy bacon whatnots - blimey, yum or what!

See you are doing great - go you :D
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Hey, I love the smokey bacon crunch, they are totally like crisps which was one of my main vices (along with cream cakes & chocolate & penny sweeties, list goes on and on!!).
I havn't been in the diet chef forum. I looked at them too but I didn't think they seemed as good as Go Lower (no chance was I drinking shalkes again! Bleurgh!). I signed up to the 16 week Go Lower programme, what about you? Xx


Stubborn and doing it
I like the Diet Chef food, but it's all very casserole/stew type stuff, which Go Lower is not. Plus, I doubt DC is actually properly GL which is the advantage of Go Lower.

I buying per box - I looked at the programme, but 1. I have more than 4 stone to lose and 2. I'd rather get the complete boxes rather than have it reduce.

Alas, means I can't get into the member's area, but hey, nevermind :D

I did have a good chuckle at the brazil nuts - I mean 2! I just kind of expected 4 or 5 haha! But that's just my bad habits.
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I love the brazil nuts, more would be great but guessing they are teaching you how to control portions and things.
I'm sure you should be allowed on their memebers area, you should give them a call. They have a recipe section, a shop and the forum which is good. They posted a new recipe today for "pasta" using courgette really thinly sliced, I'm defiantly going to try it. Xx
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Here you go, sounds lovely. I guess you could change the sauce to your own tasting.

A low carb alternative to pasta with a chicken & bacon cream sauce.

1 courgette or 1 small aubergine
2 slices bacon - chopped up
1 large chicken breast
100-150ml Cream
Garlic Clove
Olive Oil
Salt & Pepper
Tarragon (optional)


Slice the courgette or aubergine using a potato peeler to get long thin strips.
Over a medium heat fry the garlic, bacon and chicken until cooked, add the tarragin if using and stir. Add the cream and season to taste.
Blanch the courgette or aubergine in boiling salted water. Drain well.
Serve with the chicken & bacon cream poured over the "pasta" ribbons.

Can grate parmesan into the sauce or over the top for a bit more flavours.


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Just wish there was a magic pill that could make me hate chocolate haha
I don't, choccie is good for you...in moderation of course...couldn't be without my 85% cocoa solids dark choccie at the weekend...mmm...it's real food, seriously!


Stubborn and doing it
Only if it's really bitter apparently - unprocessed cocoa at 85% is inedible but alas, the more bitter it is, the better it is.

Sorry, I'm one of those annoying people :p

Or maybe I'm just trying to stop myself reaching for a bit of the Ecuadorian perfection - cos it never stops with a bit :eatdrink023: (it's a chocolate chicken alright :p)
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i have spoken to one of the counsellors at golower and I cant fathom the prices - i have scoured the forum for an explination but dont understand
It all seems a little hard to tell what i am getting for my money
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Starting out on Go Lower -

Hi I'm just about to start the Go Lower diet - have just got a week's pack to try the food. I've never done anything like this before but thought I'd give it a try.
Is anyone else out there at the same stage and fancies a bit of mutual moral support?:)
I'm looking to lose 2 stone. Am currently 12.01. and have the most horrendous addiction to smokey bacon crisps and all things savory!


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