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Go Lower


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I don't think we have any members doing the go lower programme. Unless there's a go lower lurker who might pop up.

Seems like a good diet if you cope with having food at this time. It's low carb, low cal. You should go into ketosis.

Just having that small amount of food 3x a day that might be a problem for some.

Expensive too! But it's cheaper than LL isn't it?


Gone fishing
You used to be able to buy go lower bars in supermarkets. Haven't seen them recently, but they are still in many health food shops.

But, I think moo-moo was referring to the go lower diet which is a the whole kaboodle of a weeks food. Lunch, dinner, breakfast. Hot meals, soup etc.

It's all planned out and they send you the whole weeks food.

It's available on the golower website.Go Lower » The guaranteed way to drop a dress size in 28 days
Go Lower on Atkins?

Does anyone know if you can eat the Go Lower Soups and Main Meals whilst on the Atkins Diet?


Gwen xx
Hello All
I just had to post a reply regarding the Go Lower programme. I started it 8 weeks ago and I have lost 2st and 3lbs! It is the easiet diet I have ever done, never feel hungry and the weight is falling off. I feel so healthy too!
I would srtongly recommend it!


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S: 19st13lb C: 18st12lb G: 13st0lb BMI: 45.3 Loss: 1st1lb(5.38%)
Well done John! xx


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My boss is doing it but doesn't seem to be losing anything. She has been doing it since I started work in september, maybe she is cheating?

Roz x


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I tried the euro-diet which promised similar results, it worked initially but the food was so awful I couldnt face it, go-lower looks similar.
I have to say I personally find the food very tasty. They all have good flavor, not bland at all and there is quite a large selection to choose from.
I am never hungry, the plan is more than enough to eat in a day.
I find the girls at go lower very helpful and always there on the end of the phone. I have been on the go lower diet since May 6th and so far lost a total of 2stones and 11lbs. I would HIGHLY recommended it to anyone considering it and in fact have already got four of my friends on it, one of whom has lost 12 lb on just under three weeks.
I really cannot say one bad thing about this diet, I love it. I have even on occasion deviated from the meals and had just chicken and salad or omelette and salad (high protein, low GI) and still lost the lbs.
Give it a try!
I've just been looking at the website - I lost 30lbs on W8 Matters but stopped about 3 weeks ago and have put some back on (hopefully just the glucose/water bit that is easier to lose) but was surprised how badly I behaved once food was reintroduced. Am thinking of doing GoLower to lose the last bit just as a way of reintroducing food in a healthier way. I like that it is a healthy option - not keen on all the artificial food. But some seem to have a high amount of fat in them! WOuld be interested to hear from any more GoLowers

Hi all,

This is my first posting. I have just bought a 4 week supply of Go Lower. I have also bought Ketosis strips to check that I will be in Ketosis. I want to loose 2 stone and hopefully this will be the way to do it!
On my 2nd day and love the food, really nice. Not too fussed on the muesli bars, but hey dont like muesli bars anyway! I'll keep you all posted on how I get on but feeling very positive!...
BTW. I agree it is expensive but hopefully its worth it.


Gone fishing
Always good to hear from people doing other diets:cool: It certainly does sound like a great diet. The food looks lubberly :)

Very best of luck with it steny0211

BTW, I'll move this thread into the 'all other diets', as it's not a VLCD.
Hope you do well with Go Lower, I have been on it since May 5th and at my goal now, 12st and 7lbs! i was exactly 16st when I started. Now I am at the end of it I am eating more of my own food, green salads, cheese omelettes, chicken, ham , sausage etc and I feel so well. Been a lot of 'hype' about diets like this due to the fat content but i feel good and the weight had dropped off.
Hi there,
I have just finished my second 4 week pack of Go Lower and have lost 20.5 pounds. It's the easiest diet I have ever done and the food is delicious. It is expensive I agree but it is so convenient.

I'm new to this forum and have just started the Golower diet. Day 2 in fact. For those of you who have been on the diet-how long before you started to notice the weight drop off?

I am usually quite motivated at the start of any diets but then give up if I don't see quick results.
I am hoping to put up my own little weight tracker up at the end of this week. Keeping fingers crossed that there is some change.
Is anyone else doing the diet at present or have most of you reached your target now?

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