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Go lower


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Hi there

I'm doing it and agree the food is lovely. I've just started week 3 and am about 8 pounds down - I've found it the easiest diet i've ever done - so convenient and once you get over the carb withdrawls in the first week it's a piece of cake (excuse the pun) - in fact i'm finding i forget to eat!!
Thanks for replying lou, today is my first day and I have been really pleased with how well it has gone so far. Just had a chocolate nut bar which takes me to the end of my food for the day, I'll have a hot water and ginger soon and then head to bed. Beginning to feel a bit headachy now which surprised me I thought it would take longer to get to that point.


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you might find the first few days tough but try and get through it as once you're in ketosis the weight really does drop off (I've lost 2lb in the last three days alone).

Am on about 10lb in 3 and a bit weeks but the first week was CD so lost 7 lb first week, stayed the same for a week and a half (which actually isn't bad considering i was eating food - previously when i've come off Cd i've put on 5lb in a day!!!) and in the last 4 days my body has obviously got used to it and every morning the scales are being kind to me.
That is a fab loss, well done you, you must be feeling much better already.

Today was a baaaad day! I knew it would be, I have done LL/CD that many times I know what it is like getting into ketosis. I felt really ill earlier but forced myself to have one of the dinners and now feel much much better.

Hope you've had a good day today.


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as you say you know the side effects of going into ketosis so at least you're going into it with your eyes open and you know you can come out of the otherside.

i find this so much better than VLCD's and the weight loss isn't far off what you lose on them (I think i could get thrown off this forum for being critical of VLCD's LOL). eating real food is such a blessing and being able to go out with friends and order real food whilst still sticking to plan is great (went to breakfast with a colleague and was able to have the omelette - lovely)

Hope today was better for you
Hi Lou

Yesterday was a much better day, I went out with my DD for the day and we went to nandos where I had some chargrilled chicken and some halloumi cheese, no bread or anything. I hope I did ok with those choices, they seemed to be good ones. I don't have any ketosis sticks so have no idea whether I'm in ketosis or not and I don't have any scales so have no idea if I'm losing weight - I think I need to do something about that though!

I feel fine, I was a bit headachy this morning, but nothing I can't cope with.

Hope you are still going strong with it?


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I think you might be better off with no scales - will stop you obsessing!! I jump on every morning quite what i expect i'm not sure - am I thinking I'll suddenly lose a stone!!!

I noticed once I went into ketosis my urine had like an oily film to it - look out for that to see if you're in ketosis and to be honest you'll feel it anyway as suddenly you wont feel hungry.

How are you feeling? did you get through the weekend?

I struggled this weekend as I didn't have much planned and consequently I was bored and evil food thoughts kept popping into my head but I stayed on the straight and narrow and was rewarded with a weekly lose of 3lb this week (wey hey).

Would love to hear how your getting on - will go and see if you've updated your blog
Hi Lou

Weekend was fine, I am not convinced I'm in ketosis as I still feel quite hungry some of the time and I haven't gained that lovely healthy feeling yet and am not sleeping any better (last time I slept lie a baby).

I will update properly again, my blog is up to date though but for now I need sleep :)
Proper update, first week done and I am finally feeling good - it took a while but I think I am getting there.

No "disallowed" carbs all week which is brilliant for me and a real achievement but I feel so much better for being without them as I know they bloat me and make me feel uncomfortable. I disproved SW green days because I have tried it twice and put on weight both times (8lbs the first time, 7lbs the second) because I simply cannot eat carbs and not put on weight it is my metabolism.

I am already getting shape back in my face and my cheek bones are showing now which is brilliant and I managed to get comfortably get into a pair of trousers that I couldn't even do up a few weeks ago and yet they fit perfectly now.

Still no scales so can't put a weight amount to the loss but the loss is there without a doubt and it isn't my imagination either as my mum and dh have commented on me having cheek bones and the start of a chin again!

All in all I'm pleased, the first week was the usual getting into ketosis nightmare but the food is very tasty and satisfying.

Tonight is treat night and I'm going to have a cup of coffee with some cream in (shhhh but it is my only indulgence) and my chocolate bar!!


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hey that's brilliant - I haven't seen such a dramatic different in my clothes - clothes that were tight are definately looser but i haven't had that magic moment yet - can't wait.

I really think you are better off without scales - i weighted yesterday and had put on a pound - very pissed off all day. Then got on the scales today and had lost a pound and a half so net situation of half a pound off in 2 days but boy was I in a bad mood yesterday - lol

Between you and I (and anyone else reading this thread - and my blog when I update it lol) I've booked to see a surgeon in three weeks time - I want a tummy tuck and have worked out if i have it mid dec i'll be able to have it and take 4 weeks off work before i have to get back into the swing of things.

it's a great motivation to keep going on the diet because one slip/ one bad day and weight gain and i wont be at my ideal weight by mid dec - i'm going to be cutting it fine as it is but the timing is just perfect - it's been a great motivator to stay away from the chocolate.

BTW just realised that I probably haven't told you i'm 4 stone lighter now than i was at my absolute heaviest and i know when i got down to my ideal weight (stone and a half ish) last time that i desperately needed a tummy tuck so this isn't me just losing 11lb for the first time and going mad!!
Just another quick update - my DH just found a pack of ketos sticks and there was one left so I have just done it and it is beautifully purple - I knew I was in ketosis now because I feel much better but it is nice to have it confirmed. I must get some more because it is nice to know you are doing things right!!
Good for you re the tummy tuck and for losing that stone and a half. I am so sorry that when I started to put weight back on that I didn't rein myself in at that point.

It is fab about the tummy tuck, I would love to have one but tbh so long as I look good in clothes it doesn't matter to me what I look like without if that makes sense?

My biggest thing for me and the thing that keeps me motivated is that we are hopefully emigrating next year and it would be fabulous to start my new life in a hot new country without five extra stone!


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that's a great motivation - every winter i think emigrating is the only answer - LOL

where are you thinking of going to?

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