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go on forum for support

great its my 5th day and not hungry..as ive always got a glass or cup of something in my hand. and ime lucky my spanish man is cooking for my dad and keeping me away from food.. i think this helping such a lot . ime keeping busy and getting more into myself with new make up ideas and hair done and feet . to keep me motivated on the beautiful me...my goal is 3 weeks till my holiday to see my 1st GRANDCHILD. and i want to be a glamourouse granny.. and we are talking of marriage next year so i need to get started..i have been creeping up for the last 10 years and said that i didnt want to be FAT and 40.. and i was.... so now heading for 52. and want to look young again. i wake up every day consious of the food ime eating.. but if ime TRUE to myself its the WINE and whisky... i know all the rules with food.its the drinks that put mine on... Now i can DRINK as MUCH as i want... WATER .. TEA with vanilla. peppermint tea for a change.. the shakes.. fizzy water in a wine glass... pepermint mouthwash when my mouth feels like a bird cage. i keep it in my handbag.. i FEEL motivated TODAY to stick to it..so i need you guys to help me... and vise a versa..ime seeing an old girlfriend who is always SLIM and beautiful.. and i dont want to be the FAT one..plus they are meeting JOSE.. and the GRANNY photos need to be SLIMMER. whats helped me so far is reading a Forum which said .... the food will still be there TO HAVE.. when i am SLIM.. i keep saying it to myself... and will have diet food on hols as i AIM to CARRY on when i get back.. its only a week... and i will have 1 WHISKY with only ICE .. keep me motivated to carry on when i get BACK.
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The forum is definately a great help especially in this first week, and it does sound like your other half is keeping you motivated which is half the battle. If anybody needs help there is always somebody around to help when you feel like chatting (which is great).
thanks for reply..its nice to know there is someone there.. just had a new experiance with mouthwash.. hope its ok.. it tastes naughty.. and nice... its licorace flavour in spain and with the water afterwards it feels like i am having a PERNOD.. this is great as long as its not stopping KETOSIS.. i only washed my mouth with it.. i didnt swallow it..


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Welcome Breda! This place is my biggest support so I hope it is the same for you on your journey.


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Welcome to the forums your ahead of me only 2 days in here
but i'm glad i joined im at home all week alone then BFs all weekend with no internet so the support i get here is vital :)
hi pestydebs.. its Breda... you have done so well so far.. thats encouragement for me.. that it can be done.. ime sick of dieting all my life and JUST want to be SLIM again.. its been so long... and lots of CLEVER dressing to hide things.. but it doesnt change the fact that I AM FAT !!! i want to get back to 9 stone... i already Feel slimmer and can see the LOSS in my face.. no more DOUDLE CHIN.. elastic skirt was falling off today as well.


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It is the same with me Breda, when I put on weight it goes straight to my face and I hate it sooo much as my face is the only thing I like about myself and when I do lose weight it starts with my face and I feel sooo superb. Looking in the mirror is nice for me again.

I nearly lost 4kg my first week and my whole family noticed it. I never used to put my hair up as I thought my face was massive but this week I did and I liked what I saw. All this because of 4kg's imagine how we will feel when we lose more. I cant wait.


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Hi Breda and welcome to LT and this wonderful forum :)

Just check your mouthwash is one of the three brands allowed on LT! Otherwise steer clear, not matter (or especially!) how good it tastes...


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Hi Breda

And a very warm welcome to you! Day 5, so you will be having your first weigh in soon..bet you cant wait!

Hope you continue to have good days!

Take care​
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Welcome Breda. This is the best forum out there and kept me going through last year, without it I'm sure I would have given up after about 8 weeks (all the time I was originally planning to stay on LT) There is always someone here to listen/offer advice/encourage and that is priceless in my eyes.

I'm sure you will be a gorgeous granny in no time.