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My friends go to Goa every year and are thinking of retiring out there... I'll give them a bell and ask them for any info.. :)
which part are you going to :confused: (I am guessing that will make a difference to their advice..and info).. and oh how wonderful... :eek: a fabbo holiday to look forward to.:D .. you can spend all these miserable cold wet nights dreaming about the sunshine!:cool: ;) Bliss!!:D


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Thanks FFF,
We're staying at palmarinha resort, Calangute. can't find much about it on internet and yes I am already dreaming about it, It's been my reason to slim, the first holiday for a long time that I will actually be looking forward to, not worrying about being too fat and uncomfortable.
I've been buying size 12 tops etc when I come across them in the sales etc so I might have something to wear that fits, I'm having to guess what size I will be because I don't think there's going to be much summer clothes about in the shops in feb!
I know it will be very hot then and I can't wait to be honest, just wish it was for at least 10 days / 2 weeks but could only go in Feb half term cos of my job.
I know there's elephants there that we can bathe! and the food is supposed to be fantastic too.


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I haven't forgotten about this - I had a great chat with my mate and he's going to write some stuff for me to send to you :D Might take a couple of days nagging but he'll do it! lol

He said Feb is a fab time to be there! :D :D


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I went to Goa a few years back.... it is my second best holiday ever! (First is Sri Lanka)

I stayed not far out of Calangute at Baga Beach.. Riverside hotel I think it was called.

It is the most amazing place!!!! I loved it, i loved the people - so very friendly.. i helped a fair few stray dogs while over there too. Me and my sis were always buying an extra meal and putting it secretly in a carrier bag to go feed a mother dog so she had the strength to look after her very young puppies!

Ahem.. back to the place. I think the first thing that hits u is the poverty.. oh and the heat.. but i like that sticky humid heat.. its not for everyone but I liked the fact I could lie in the sun all day and just melt!

U do get alot of people begging, which I think can be offputting for some people, but i gave money to some people and resisted others... u kind of get a feel for it. u have to be good at bartering too... but u pick this up as u go along.. prices are very very very cheap.. when I went u could have a 3 course meal for less than a quid!!!!

The markets are excellent places to go shopping, there is one near baga beach - short journey in a taxi (oh the taxis are completely different to here.. they wait for u all day and don't charge u extra!).. can't remember the name of the market now.. but it used to be on Wednesdays and is in a woods next to the beach - ideal place for buying gifts.

Food is lovely.. alot of fish based dishes.... i had curried squid on my first night.. blew my head off lol it was so hot.. washed it down with Feni - the local drink.. bit like whiskey..but clear and err rough!!!! U drink it with lemonade.. but me being a prat had it neat.. and thought i'd burned my tonsils out!

Anyway hope my excited ramble was of some use.... it is lovely! I got home and was so upset... even now i have the urge to be there.... India gets under your skin and u never get it out... I would love to be back!


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GOA...well what a place. we went about 4 years ago and really lved it, but i can see its not everyones cup of tea.

1st impressions..we flew into a military type airport and were escorted off the plane with machine gunned security..into a barrack of a building which was the arrivals lounge. the heat was sweltering. our clothes were sticking to us.

you fight for your luggage, and the once outside the locals fight you for your bags, to carry them for you in the hope of getting a few pennies. the bus winds through the jungle on a dirt track to our hotel in candolim. i wondered where the heck we had arrived. the dusty track had little villages dotted along itwith signs hung up in the palm trees. women washing clothes in the streams and cows walking up the road.
the beaches was really long and sandy, but the waves are quite big and powerful, you cant snorkel or swim very well. there was a huge tanker ship beached just off the beach.
the locals are very friendly, extremly poor. little girls sell jewellery and sarongs on the beach. there are loads of litter, empty water bottles everywhere. to get to the beach from the hotel, we walked across some scrubland with a few little shanty type homes. cows walk along the beach. its very humid.
the hotel was nice, pretty basic but suited us. it was sort of little bungalows around a pool ( cant remember the name) we booked it off teletext and paid about 400 quid all inclusive.. we did say we would love to go back, but just havent got around to it