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Goals and Reasons


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Hi there phr :)

I originally used it to reduce my bmi ready to take the medicals for an Australian visa.

This time around I'm doing it because I was out of control with food and needed to take a step back/have some time out.

Whereabouts in Oz are you heading?


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Good luck phr!

I want to be more active and wear clothes I like and not just because they fit me...
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I can recognise all of those reasons - my food habits were out of control too and I didn't feel good about myself and the clothes I bought - I think I bought 'frumpier' clothes just because that was my mindset.

This time having something to work towards like a holiday will be so motivational - so keeping everything crossed.

J0d - we are doing a bit of a tour around from Melbourne, Adelaide, Ayres Rock, Cairns and Sydney - we are two guys celebrating our 40th years and we are both doing the diet together to will be even better.
All resonating with me too!

Your trip sounds like it'll be fab, Phr!


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That's cool PHR, you've given yourself enough time to make a difference too.
im doing it TFR to get back into shape, did it last year and lost four stone, had a slip and damaged me knee which kept me from running so im doing it to help shift the last two stone while i cant run...
Ah thats a good idea livedadream - I love running too - but had to give it up for a while to do lipotrim for a little while - I can't run at all at the moment, not enough energy but I think it will come back in a few weeks and I can do small amounts.
it does come back by the time i was a month into TFR i was back running, its like a drug to me at the moment hahaa
I did this before and lost 5 stone. Had surgery, decided to 'treat' myself by eating rubbish and here I am again! Lessons learnt and time to focus. This year is a big year, my youngest turns 18, eldest 21, I turn 40 and get married in September on our 10th anniversary. I am determined to enjoy this year and go into my 40s feeling awesome. If that isn't enough motivation I will never do it. It really is now or never. On day 2 and feeling okay, just a little spaced out.
Yes good thanks - I did weigh myself this morning outside of my official weigh in and was a little disappointed, but I am still there with the motivation I think :) Mid way through week 3 - how are things with you ?
Think it is really important to focus on your goals especially at the times where you don't feel that you are losing as you should. I did 100 days last time and would get so fed up when I had been 100% and only lost a lb. This time I have told them to not tell me how much I weigh especially for first couple of months. Am on day 5 and to be honest have sailed through it. Checked today and I am ketosis now. The trick is to just keep going, have done the hardest part, is certainly shear gut and determination that has helped me get here, I have failed to get this far many times in the past. How have you done today? Are you managing to stay focused?

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