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God Awful Sunday Dinner!

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My mother makes the most god awful Sunday dinners in the world! The meat is usually ok but the veg and potatoes are boiled to within an inch of their lives! Limp, lifeless cabbage, brocolli that's been cooked as long as the cauliflour so it's falling apart on your plate, too salty potatoes and carrots that even a rabbit would turn down lol!
And when I say that I can't have her gravy because it's made with the fat from the meat she sighs and gets this look on her face that says 'Surely she's taking this diet too far?' It's not worth the hassle telling her that I don't want dinner, she might as well not bother because most of us are in work on Sundays and by time they get back the dinner's all cold and rubbery. And I've had to make it an EE day because she insisted I have the potatoes, even worse I had to get up to eat it and I'm on a night shift tonight! Does anyone else go through this charade just to keep people happy?
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Sorry it sounds awful, my mam and dad are both great cooks and I don't cook sunday dinner as my husband works we might have mince and dumplings though


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YES! I have to use syns on lashings of ketchup/brown sauce because my mum has an amazing knack of taking the flavour out of everyhting she makes. It's pretty minging really. I eat a bit and then make myself something else when she's not looking. So many of my friends love their Sunday dinners.....I hate mine!
S: 21st0lb C: 13st4lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 30 Loss: 7st10lb(36.73%)
I'd rather go out for dinner or just make something for myself but oh no she wont have that! Funny thing is her dinners used to be bloody amazing but now it's like she can't be bothered and just throws it together. Can't wait to see the joy that'll be Xmas dinner, I think I might volunteer to work the day! lol
i love my veg like that lol, cant stand hard brocolli or cauli.
yes i know it takes all the goodness out but each to their own i love sunday dinner specially with the pots done in the actifry...


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Why don't you help your mum to make the dinner (and nudge her in the right direction), I roast my spuds, carrots & parsnip in frylight, with rosemary & salt. Steam all the other veg, and make the gravy from granules, so only 1 syn per 4 spoons. I have yorkshire pudds and sfuffing with mine, Meat as HE ...I love my roast dinners and so do my hubby and 3 teenage kids. mmmhhhh

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Sorry but my Mum makes the best Sunday dinner and she makes it as SW friendly as she can for me! Love her xx
My MIL makes the most awful sunday dinner in the world, she also overcooks everything and then insists on dishing it up on the plates for you. She then takes so long doing this that the food is then cold, and each plate is then reheated in the microwave for a couple of minutes - Uugh
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my mum never cooks enough which is ideal for me lol but my hubby always comes away starving :D

Devon Dolce

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However, whilst my Mum makes the best roast dinner, OH's leaves a lot to be desired....! xxx
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aw i really do feel for you.

My mothers a veggie, and because of this as a single mum she never did us all roast dinners as kids, because quite frnakley as kids we wouldnt appreciate the effort.. nowadays when we nag her, she tries so hard but she always gets aunt bessie potatoes and being a veggie the meats never tended too the way well practised meateater would do. bless her, she tries..

other than that my only downfall is that OH's fam are massive sunday roast eaters, and thus,. everything is made how it should be.. tasting gorgeous and no fat is wasted... sigh. LOL if only it were syn free.. x
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sounds vile! my oh cooks the most gorgeous roast, just scoffed it! however i didnt think about how he's made the gravy until after the event, and yes he made it with the meat juices so must be about 7 syns worth- gutted! ho hum!
i think id just suggest she cooks something else? or go out for a nice carvery somewhere!
S: 21st0lb C: 13st4lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 30 Loss: 7st10lb(36.73%)
I would hep her out but she takes anything I suggest with the kind of hurt reserved for kicked puppies. It's going to be much easier to just say I'm going to make something for myself from now on. I'll get hassle for it but it's better than putting up with almost inedible meals!
Some of you don't know how lucky you are, enjoy those gorgeous dinners!
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Im very lucky, married to a chef and a dad who beats him hands down in Sunday Roast making. Bless my dad he even makes me my own little jug of bisto so i can have more gravy for my syns. :D


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oohhh I must try the old oxo cube on the spuds, will work when cooked in the oven too right???
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I'm lucky that my Mum is a great cook.

But I do get the eye rolling and sighing from my Mum and Sis when I say I don't want something because it's too many syns. I'm trying to be good and lose some weight-you're supposed to support me *shakes angry fist* Sometimes it makes me feel ashamed to turn things down and I eat stuff 'for them' :rolleyes:
Lol girlies i love my OH but i'm sorry i wouldn't even eat at his mothers as her house is so filthy, so would never cook what she eats, she served my OH bacon sausage egg and chips (all cooked in the deep fat frier....yes even the egg!) and fried bread, it was hanging!!! ugh ugh ugh so you guys got nothing to worry bout!
S: 21st0lb C: 13st4lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 30 Loss: 7st10lb(36.73%)
She also made Spag Bol today and it's hanging! The onions are hard, the mince tastes like crap and she uses Dolmio :( I've told her I can't eat it but then she still insists on making up a big batch then moaning that no one eats it! God woman, you're kids are all old enough to make their own food so give it up! Of course I'd never actually dare to say that to her face lol

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