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God i need a rant! (sorry)


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Hi people, I've lost over 2 stones but recently I have been slacking, first the scales wouldn't budge n after getting over that well actually I never did get over it but I'm just bad! What the hell I'm rubbish totally rubbish at wot I'm doing aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh ok I'm calm now! I've been reading threw post on here and people's experiences and because I've been eating like a pig I think it's because I'm stressed at the mo. Let me explain

I started work over a month ago n I'm a mum of 3 youngest is 3 yrs old too, now I love the fact that I'm working part time but, working, cooking n cleaning is taking it toll on me! Oh yeah nit to forget the fact that I go gym too! My life's to hectic n I feel rite now I can't handle it! My hubi is great he helps, cleans etc but he doesn't do it like me and at the back of my head I'm thinking wot a state my house is in! I'm crazy I know n I don't even know why it'd getting to me so much! Im not an organised someone who loves everything to b spotless etc! I've just had such a bad week n can only put it down to all my emotions. But the worst thing out of this is I just can't draw that line and start again like I use too. I'm scared I'm going to put on everything I've lost and I hate myself for it. everyday is "I'm going to be good today " but then I'm not! I'm 4lbs away from my 11.13 stone mark which wen I see I know will be over the moon about but from the way I'm going I don't think I ever will :( I just want to curl up! :(

I'm sorry for sounding like a crazy women I needed to take this off my chest before I go to sleep xxx
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Hi naz don't be too hard on yourself - we all have weeks like that. I'm having a day like that today but I'm not going to succumb to it or I won't succeed - keep the faith!!!
you must have struggled at times to lose the 2 stones - that is amazing. If you struggled and overcame those challenges, think back to what you did.Imagine you are a reporter interviewing yourself - step back.

If you got through the tough times, you can get through all this. Don't be scared of falling off the wagon - otherwise youi scare yourself into a mental broken leg that prevents you getting back on the wagon

hopee this makes sense have been blogging and commenting on WL for 2 hours and its 1 am must go to bed


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We all have these hard times. Actually I just had mine. :-( I wasn't able to say NO to chocolate cake. :-( But it's okay. I must admit, I enjoyed it. Lol. But I assure myself, this is the last time that I'm gonna cheat on my diet.
yesterday i weighed self - 4 lbs lost over 2 weeks. hurray! so then \i eat addictive food while out and dont stick to my minimum time for eating my dinner.

whats going on?

complacency? yes

self sabotage ? yes

I know the old me is trying to drag the new me back to addiction. I see everyone else on this forum with the same push/pull. The way to deal with it is accept its happening, accept that you will go a step back BUT do not feel bad.

You just pull back to the new you.

How much weight would we all lose if at every hurdle we just got up and carried on? rather than throw the towel in.

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