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Im going to Center Parcs about 4 weeks from now, just from Friday to Monday. If I have made it to then and Im still on the slim train I need some advice on eating. Because its an activity holiday (swimming, bike riding, walking, bowling etc etc) I won't be able to survive on 400 calories a day. Can someone give me some ideas on what to eat in the evening which will keep me from piling on the pounds? I will have a shake for brekkie and lunch.

Thank you xx
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I would probably ask your chemist or phone lipotrim for advice.

I can see you have just finished week 1, and it best to do little exercise for the first couple of weeks, but you might find in a month or so that you can do the exercise no problem without eating.

After about 6 weeks on lipotrim I was working out everyda, walking my dog everyday, and I felt great, I had lots of energy. Im not sure how intense your exercise is going to be.

If you just want to eat cos your away and you want to then obv the best things to eat are small portions of really lean meat like chicken with no skin or sauce, or white fish, and have some salad - green and white is best like lettuce, scallions, onions, peppers or veg as in brocolli and cauliflower (no mayo or butter or sauces) and avoid carbs big time. Drink plently of water and I would still take your 3 shakes, as the small meal is probably not going to give you everything you need.

I would ask the chemist though, but i know mine would have said that eating a lettuce leaf is a big no no. So they will probably tell you not to eat and not to do anything that is too strenuous.

Hope you have a nice time, I have always wanted to go to centre parks, I am actually going to lough erne golf resort for the last weekend in january, never been and I am really looking forward to going.



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Not an expert but you'll be best with protein based foods, dark green veg is the best as higher in protein, stick to chicken etc the more meat rather than anything else the better


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Thank you for your replies....today is my second weigh day (although I am actually going tomorrow) so I may be nearing target by then, or I may, as you say thefutureisbright, have loads of energy and not need to eat.
My question is mainly hypothetical as who can predict what will happen in 3 weeks! xx


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I'm sure you'll be fine as long as you don't go mad at Centre Parcs. It's mostly fairly gentle exercise rather than hard core cardio which you should avoid. If you feel you won't be able to manage though you must do a proper re-feed the week before. You should also bear in mind that some people find it difficult to get back into TFR after a few days off. I'd stick to LT and modify your exercise if I were you.