going backwards!


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I started low carbing on Thursday, ready for my appointment friday. So friday morning I had nothing but black coffee and peppermint tea, then my shake around 3pm. I felt fab friday (yesterday) and great this morning. Even getting up wide awake, which is a first for me lol

But now that the day has worn on i'm starting to feel yucky. I'm dizzy and fuzzy headed and really tired. I'm snapping at the kids and nearly ate a bit of turkey. I was taking their vegetables out of the freezer when I spotted a bag of turkey I had frozen for a stew and even put it in micro to defrost so i could nibble on that. But then I remembered about choices, switched the micro off and threw the turkey in the bin.

I've just had my soup (about half hour ago) and I now have heartburn. I know a glass of peppermint tea will sort it, but does anyone else get heartburn with the soups?

I'm trying to chuck the water down my neck lol but its so cold!! I'm sure im drinking enough as I have had about 2 pints, 4 large cups of coffee and two half pint glasses of peppermint tea.

I thought yesterday and this mornings 'high' was too good to be true, now the doldrums have hit me :cry::cry::cry:
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I felt great the first few days and then felt rotten for a good few days after that. I also got dreadful heartburn from the chocolate tetra, so it is quite possible you could get it from the soups too.

Well done for not picking at the turkey. Try and stay strong. It will get better

Charlie xx


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Cambridge diet is great but you will have some side effects as your body adjust to the limited calorie intake. Stay strong hun you can do this xx


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Yes, I too feel hungry, just sitting here thinking about when to have next food pack (I have 2 more left).

I do think we have great days on this diet, and some that aren't so fab.

As already written, well done on say ta-ra to the turkey and staying on course. This day is almost over and tommorow will be better x


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Ooo well done for throwing the turkey away ! ... i can totally sympathise with you, it is hard .. really hard and when your getting hardburn and snappy also it doesnt help atall does it ...

Do anything you can this evening to stay away from the food . maybe read or do your nails etc anything to lft your spirits, even an early night

Hope you feel better in the morning xx


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Awww dont be downbeat hun, look on my posts from wednesday, i was feeling rather crap too,, it does go and you do feel better!! xx


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Thankyou everyone, it has passed now, thankfully! I drank a massive glass of peppermint tea and the heartburn has gone. I put the kids to bed and had a few games of tennis on the Wii (I'm addicted to the tennis even do the shouting bit ha!). So feel loads better now. I'm so glad i chucked the turkey in the bin....I know I would be feeling sooo bad now if I had eaten it.

Thanks so much for your support! You guys are the best xx :) :)


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I'm so glad you are feeling better, its hard to get past points like that, but you feel so much better for it after.

I was like that yesterday, really struggled all the way up until going to bed, but went with a proud smile on my face x

Well done again