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Going food shopping - Newbie

Hi All

I started slimming world for on Thursday and im off food shopping to any one of or more than one of the major supermarket chains tomorrow (they never seem to have what i want then i end up in Tesco, Asda n well since im passing i may aswell fly into morrisons n sainsburys lol)

I have been thinking apart from the free foods which are listed in the book and any very low fat foods i can think of that are obvious like salad and muller lights what can i buy?? what gets you through a slimming world day at the mo as I have been busy I have been living on subway salads and muller lights but i cant afford to carry on like that and its not a very balanaced diet so thought I would ask you lovely ladies and Gents what food on slimming world couldnt you live without :) My main area of concern is i need to buy stuff to take to work for my dinner we dont have a cooker only a kettle and microwave so any advice for what to take for lunch thats quick easy and filling would be fab. I want to have a healthy mix of red and green days but mainly work days will be green I am saving red days for sunday lunch and saturday afternoon steak in the pub.

Hope this makes sense any help would be greatly appreciated before I hit the shops tomorrow :)
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Things that help me through the day!

- Balsamic vinegar

I can eat this on pretty much everything! It's free and is great on salads, but also with meat etc.

- Pesto

This is about 2-4 syns per tablespoon, but you only really need one for a block of spaghetti/pasta and it's great for a quick, easy, tasty green day lunch. It's good cold too - so you can pack it for work!

- Tuna & Salad Cream & Eggs

I know it's boring, but I really like it on salad. And eggs are free! So boil em and shove em in your salad. Good for a red day lunch.

- Quark

This is just fab for so many things. It's completely free on both days. Have a nosey through the recipe section for some ideas!

Happy shopping!



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I sometimes find it hard to know what to take to work as well. When I'm being organised and have cooked something like veg curry and rice, or quorn bolognese and pasta for tea I try to keep enough to take next day. Soon get bored having the same thing 2 days in a row though. Batchelors rice is good for work though I tend to cook it in the morning bofore I go because I find it always boils over when I do it in the microwave.
On green days I do a packet pasta and sauce thingy in the microwave at work usually Batchelors Brocoli & cheese
you could have mug shots...
or left overs from night before, in microwave, eg. chilli, spag bol, curry etc.

poached egg and baked beans free on green in micro wave.

i have slimming world quiche, hot or cold, with all kinds of filling, curry quorn, pasta n sauce, super free veg, cheese (HEX a) or salmon (free red or HEXB green)....

ryvita mini or crackers hex B, with cheese, quorn slices, meat, cottage cheese depending on which day.

the possibilities are endless...to be honest ihave never eaten a salad even whilst doing SW for 23 weeks.
Mug shots, SW quiche, salmon pate (home made) on ryvita, jacket or sweet potatos baked, curry n rice, pasta n sauce all good for taking to work.
crabsticks, chopped fruit, alpen bars, carrot sticks, cold chicken pieces all good for snacking on.
good luck shopping, let us know if u find any bargains!!
Thanks folks bought the basic ingredients for SW Quiche will probably make a few little ones with different things in over the week. might try mini ones in my fairy cake tin as im a nibbler rather than sit down meal kind of girl.

practically cleared the shelves in Home & Bargain aka Quality Save of tomato and herb pasta n sauce as its 49p a packet (for anyone in manc thats the one on regent road dunno about the others) bought lots of packet rice and pasta also bought the usual fruit n veg , muller lights

and im very excited about my latest purchase a food flask for taking stuff i cant cook at work but want to keep warm ( my bro told me i can even keep some new potatoes warm in it for a few hours will have to have a go and see if it works!) I knew you could get them but they always looked so small i found a nice chunky one with a wide neck in Wilko

cant keep up with what else i bought but i know i should be ok for totally free or very low syn breakfasts, dinners and teas for a whole week!!

bought eggs and I never buy eggs unless im baking !! im going to make some mini omlettes first thing in the morning before work using a fairy cake tin will just stick some courgette and other chopped up veg in the botom (will cook anything that needs cooking though tonight and putin the fridge) then first thing tomorrow pour the egg over the veggies and bung in the oven for a few mins will have some for brekkie and take a couple in to much with lunch :)
Ste :) i learned the deilghts of balsamic vinegar on LT refeed its now my fave salad dressing, am also into lemon or lime juice on salad with cracked black pepper

Mair know what you mean i try to avoid doing the left overs thing because i so get fed up of eating the same thing two days in a row, but i may start putting the left overs in the freezer to re-appear a week later got to be better than thinking hmmmmmmmmm eat em or chuck em i know im not hungry but will eat them as i can hear my mum in my head" there are thousands of children starving in the world" !

Zena - never thought i have a microwave ommlette - egg poacher thingy could take that to work and bung beans on , i love salad and eat it all the time but now its cold i want warm food so itll go on my plate as an extra with something warm rather than on its own

Smiler - Micro sweet potatos oooooooo never thought of that im getting all excited may have to go shop on the way home from work tomorrow also lol

Thanks for all your help folks :) Gen x
If i take rice will deffo be cooking it before work and eating it cold as there are 2 microwaves for about 40 people its like a riot in the kitchen at lunchtime the minute the micro pings someone rushes to it and bungs their stuff in! and god help you if you take anything that takes more than 5 minutes!
I started at one in the city centre on Thursday but i dunno if im going back or going it alone because i really really hate image therapy (always have!) and i really really hate having to wait till gone 9pm for a bus after class has finished!
ahaaaaaaaaaa cant Rep ya as i repped ya yesterday and i need to share the love before i can do it again
are you Mr white hoodie/sweatshirt? Mr there with his girlfriend who had a red bow in her hair or Mr sat between the two others i have described as all 3 blokes looked kinda hmmmmmmm image therapy why am i here
You described three but there are four! And I'm the fourth heh.

I'll PM ya with more once I'm up to 50 posts... don't want to say too much cause I think the consultant reads this board!
Ok.. heh sod it. I'll fill you in :)

There are four blokes. One is usually with a woman, quite a short guy. One is tall and always looses but doesn't like setting a target. And one is a target member who shares a house with two other girls.

Then there's me... I'm usually sat in a corner looking grumpy with a brown jacket on!

Ste is what my mates call me (my middle name)... the consultant uses my Sunday name which is different!
awwwwwww gutted i remember there being at 4 blokes but i know one was maintaining so that couldnt be you there must be 5?! will remain a mystery untill you do 50 posts so step to it young man get posting lol!

I reckon she does too anyone who has a clue comes to mini's when they want to lose weight, she is lovely and obviously very good at what she does because the other 3 new ones looked like they were bricking it when they came in and really chilled when they went out whereas i was the total opposite because of image therapy i had been dreading it all day! im not just saying that because i think she does read this she really is a good class leader I have seen a fair few over the years but i cant be doing with image therapy or similar after weigh in things on other diets i really really hate it. and now the way i see it is i did lipotrim under my own steam with no one to push me i made the decision to go to the chemist i made the decision to stick to it for 11 weeks even finding the cash when i was totally skint because i had made that committment and had the doctor not made me give up because it was doing stuff to me health wise i would have stopped on LT i think at the moment i am 100% motivated to get on with losing weight and dont need the whole class thing to do it or so i think at the mo anyway! though if i dont go to class i dont get the magic password do i hmmmmm decisions decisions
Gen x
Yeah I'm in pretty much the same boat really, I don't see the point (for me) of going to classes, paying getting weighed and leaving... so I always stay for the image therapy - but it isn't really my thing!

But yeah, I'd def miss the password too! And at least if I go I am thinking about my weight for a while, which is no bad thing. I'm going to stick at it for a little while longer at least I think...

I'll get posting and PM you when I'm done!
i was new on Thursday night there were 4 new ones so you would only have a 25% chance of guessing right anyway, there were 2 blonde ones, one in a green hoodie one in a black and white stripey top i was Ms Black n white stripey top. My mam just came round with little sweetcorn fritata thingies made in fairy cake tins.. OMG we think alike im not 30 yet and i think like my mum! ARGHHHHHHHHH