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going in to development

Next week we will be deciding if we want to go into management or development I still have some to lose so I will be going into development but a bit scared because of some of the posts say they don't feel they have the support they need. My counselor has been great through foundation so I'm hoping she still gives the same support as before is there anyone finding development OK and still having the support they need.:confused:
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Hey Lotty

How are things? Cant believe it's Development time for you already - how quickly did that go?!

Don't let us moany Developers put you off!

Mrs L is putting together a guide to Development which I'm sure will be fabulous reading and loads of help.

Everyone is different and deals with it all in very different ways. For some Development is just the natural next step with no issues at all, and not so for others.
If you've been reading the Development thread I'm sure you'll see who's been flying and who hasn't (aka: me!) But after 5 weeks of tough times, and hanging on day by day, I've come back from the brink and am now jogging along very nicely.

The most insightful thing I can share, and it's just my opinion, is set yourself another target on how many days you want to do. Development has no end, and you're given all of the controls. Some people need this, others don't. So have a think about what you need, and if in doubt, set yourself a target based on days. I'm sure if i'd done this it would've helped me a lot.

Let us know how you're getting on. How much more do you want to lose? Is your tracker target your end goal? :D


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Hi Lottyfern! I echo TG's sentiments, def dont let those of us wh o have the odd gripe about developers put you off. I admit to finding the transition from foundation to development a tricky one, as I am not always comfortable meeting (and sharing) with new people. However, that reservation was very quickly wiped out, as the "new" folks are absolutely lovely. After all, why would they not be?!?

I am lucky to have what I consider to be an excellent LLC. She will not allow foodie talk, even if there has been a dodgy week, she will allow us to talk through our problems, but in a non-judgmental way.
She tries to follow the LL guidelines on the topic planned for that week, but if something is raised that she feels will benefit us all she again facilitates our discussion in that direction. She is also keen to introduce us new ideas, therapies etc. Recently, she brought in a local aromatherapist who demonstrated body-brushing and the application of skin firming essential oils. She also hopes to get other health & beauty type people in to chat to us. This is, I think, to help those of us who really are in this for the long haul keep focussed on what we want to acheive in the end!

All in all, I think development can be very helpful, if, and its a big if, you have the right LLC for you. I do understand how it can seem to be just a phase fitted in between foundation and before management, just as a "filler". My suggestion would be to give it fair crack of the whip and see where it takes you.

Hope I havent rambled too much! All the best!

Good luck with development - I took the decision to move but that was my own personal choice

Hope it goes well for ya


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I flew through the first 10 weeks of development with barely a wobble because I had very clear goals. But the moment I hit the perimeters of the last stone I really did have a bit of a wobble. I think the biggest tip I can give you is to set your goals as precisely as you can and to revisit them every four weeks. State them clear and state them in writing either on here or in a journal.

Start using your thought records and revisiting the activities in The Big Green book. Ask you LLC for additional support if you feel lost at any stage - I think sometimes I got quite passive aggressive during development and should have used the chance to act as an adult with my LLC more.

Hope that helps and I sort of wrote my perspective on development being like developing a photo in the development thread.
Development is just less structured and you may have a new group of people depending on how many from foundation are carrying on. Also - the group of people (whether your foundation group or not) will be at different stages and that can be very distracting as you are not on the same journey together the way you were in foundation.

Being aware of this and thinking about how you will deal with that is the key. Talk to your LLC and plan your homeowrk using the green book. Maybe get some other self-improvement or change management books from the library or bookshop to add to the mix?

I'm in a great group now but I know half of them are close to finishing so in a month's time I'll be in the same situation I was in a couple of weeks ago. So I have decided to prepare for that now and start a plan for myself with scheduled time for my homework and setting SMART goals and really getting focused.

So that's my advice to you as well!
Thanks for the replies I feel better and more positive about going into development now :)


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Hi Lotty,
I'm starting development this week also and it's very interesting reading all the (helpful) comments, thanks.
It sounds like having specific goals which are achievable is one of the key factors to success.
Good luck!