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Extra Easy Going it alone at home - looking for support :-)


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Hi all,

Looking for someone/a couple of people who have a spare few minutes. I need to get some crap off my chest.

I am trying to follow slimming world on my own for the moment. Well, my mum and sister are following it as well. But we all seem to be struggling with sticking to it at the moment. My Dad was ill and in hospital, and several long days led to take-aways etc.

My main problems with sticking to the programme are:
- having a young child (11 months) - after having a bad night etc with her I just crave sugar!
- not really wanting to cook at the end of the day (again, looking after young child all day) - I'm not really a great cook anyway. My husband used to do all the cooking, but now its down to me! By the end of the day I just don't have the energy or creativity
- lack of planning (I think I should be able to sort this one out now. After talking to my husband tonight I shall be planning meals around myself and my daughter - instead of trying to plan meals we are all going to eat, he will have to eat the same as me, or sort himself out).

Also, I am a bit of an emotional eater. Things can be a little difficult at the moment with my husband (we're not fighting or anything, we just seem don't seem to get any time together whatsoever, and its getting me down). He gets up early for work, and so goes to bed early too. And I end up hitting the snack tin! Yes I know, I shouldn't have a snack tin. It's contents were bought when I was really tired, and on a sugar craving!!

Is anyone else out there struggling? Could do with someone to chat to? Have a rant about Husbands/kids with?

Be great to hear from someone. Mickey Mouse and Peppa Pig don't seem to have any answers!!

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Happy Holidays

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Oh dear it does sound hard at times, fortunately I've been there with children mine have now left home!!!!

Have you got a diary on here maybe you could start one & just put in your thoughts, feelings, food, etc.

You could take a look at the diaries & see what people are eating & maybe get some ideas for easy recipes, there is also a recipe section.;)


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Hi Hayley,

You are certainly not on your own with the struggling side! I started slimming world (group) in March 2012 and was a very slow loser but managed to lose 1st 4lbs whilst there. I had to leave the group in May this year as I moved house and so moved away from the area where the group was running. Since I have left group I have put on 8lbs :-( I started back on SW (doing it from home this time) last week and after having an 100% week I maintained...gutted was not the word!

I can't really help on the kids side of things as I don't have any but we are currently trying for one, which is also quite stressful and doesn't help with the diet! My OH eats what I eat for tea as we eat meals we used to have but just cook them differently, however we still buy in crisps, chocolate, nuts, sweets and alcohol as after he has eaten a health meal with me he will then sit and eat some of the above EVERY NIGHT!!! He then thinks he is being nice by offering me these as he doesn't want to seem greedy and selfish. 9 times out of 10 I can quite easily resist and say no, other times I cave in. For instance last night he brought a chocolate bar up and said you have half first then i'll have half...needless to say it didn't get open and was still on my bedside cabinet this morning so I put it back in the fridge :)

I believe the key is definitely to plan your meals....even if it is just your evening meals, which is what I do. This also saves money as you only buy from the supermarket what you need for the weeks meals.

Anyway I am here to listen to you and try to help you along...just wanted you to know that you definitely aint on your own when it comes to struggling with food.

Angela x


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Thanks for the replies girls.

I weighed myself at my mum's tonight - according to her scales I have put in 3lbs in 2 weeks, so I am not very pleased with that. Tomorrow I shall be making an extra effort to write down everything before I eat it, and to make my 3 main meals syn free. I shall be going to Asda tomorrow to stock the cupboards up for the month (have decided going food shopping once a week is just dangerous!), and I shall be spending the rest of the day planning meals.

It does confuse me - I am sure that I am not alone in being truly disgusted with the way I look and how fat and unhealthy I am, yet I find it hard to say no to food. (rather I find it hard to say no to junk food). what are the food companies putting into these foods to make our brains think this way??! it's ridiculous!!

The first way that I am going to overcome this, is not to have these types of foods in the house. And I will deal with what by avoiding the shops as much as possible. Though I did half of the monthly shop in Aldi tonight, and I am quite proud of myself. I stuck completely to my shopping list, with the exception of a couple of fruits/veges that I hadn't thought of. I picked up no choccies, or crisps etc for myself. Hopefully I can be just as good tomorrow. Then for the rest of the month I shall just ask my Husband to pop into the shops on his way home for fresh milk etc.

Happy Holidays - I will look into doing a diary on here. Though to be honest I want to get away from being on laptop/watching TV so much in the evenings when my daughter is in bed. Sometimes I find myself mindlessly eating then. So I am going to try and do something that occupies my mind a little more, like reading/studying, so that there isn't room for thoughts of food! I might spend a little time over the next few days going over the recipes though. I need food that is quick to cook, or can just be quickly prepped and left on it's own in the oven. I have a daughter who has just started crawling, so I really don't have the time to spend an hr or 2 at the hob! it would be chaos! lol

angwass - so sorry to hear that! Hopefully you will have a good loss next week! Though sometimes there seems to be no logic in weight loss!
Sometimes our closest relatives are our biggest saboteurs! Luckily my Husband is fairly good at the moment - he will get his chocolate fix at work or something, and he does at least think about healthier ways to cook things etc. My Mum can be the major threat. Even though she is on a diet too, often if she is having a bad day she will have bad stuff, and happily share it round!! but she has been like that for years. Lives on salads etc as main meals, but then has biscuits, cake and chocolate on top when she is feeling rubbish/can't possibly turn it down as its someones birthday/it would be rude etc.

Thanks - I know I am not on my own with this, as in millions of other women around the world feel the same. I just don't really have anyone to talk to at the moment. Being home with Baby obviously means no work colleagues. I have drifted apart from all the girls I went to school with, and people I have worked with in the past. So although I might have a chat with them, I can't really talk to them about this stuff. Your weight is kind of personal isn't it? I don't like people to know that I am failing something. Especially something I ought to have full control over!
So yeah, feeling pretty lonely at the moment. doesn't help with the emotional eating, but hey ho. I shall get stuck into a good book or two.


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Ah so sorry, u are struggling and juggling everything. I got operated on, my leg and I started Slimming World before the op and lost a stone and the last 6 weeks I've put that back on and prob more as clothes even underwear aren't fitting. I wouldn't walk as it was leg/ ankle that got operated on. Only back on my feet now and back to work next week and I prob won't fit into my uniform :(

Anyways, I will tell you my success before I got operated on.

* plan your meals, I find this alone hard work but its only way for me or I will buy random stuff in the shop beside work.

* I make a large casserole dish of Cottage Pie with turnip topping or mashed carrot topping. This meal is all free, so you think you are eating bad but u aren't ;)

* buy frozen stir fry packs and chicken breasts, again is all free (oil will be syned) eat loads guilt free.

* Like yourself, I nibble a lot at night and this only started in the last year after a break up of bf. I'm trying to think of ideas for fridge. What I do is make sugar free jelly and freeze a Muller Light for 1 1/2 hours (time it cause they aren't nice completely frozen) then you have a sorbet type with jelly.

* I can't keep chocolate in my apartment :( I'm a chocoholic. :( :(

* cold BBQ chicken in fridge free to eat

* fizzy water

* Bananas or whatever fruit u like. I'm not gone on fruit but bananas fill me up.

That's all I can think of for now. No point me starting back til I get back to my own apartment. Parents are and were minding me the past few weeks. So they eat different and I couldn't drive.

Hope this is of some help x


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Hi, I joined slimming world last year when my youngest daughter was 9 months old. I successfully lost 3 stone but have been wavering for a few months. I have rejoined to lose the last 2 stone. In the beginning I found being organised the key to success. I made sure I had a big free breakfast, lots of super free food to snack on in the fridge (strawberries really dealt with the need for sugar) I used to plan quick easy meals to prepare for dinner , my slow cooker was a lifesaver as i could prepare a nice meal first thing before my energy levels dipped. it helped having an older child who I wanted to cook healthy for. For days where I really couldn't be bothered I made sure that there was low syn stuff in the freezer such as sausages, quorn burgers etc I also used my hea on milk so I could have a few coffees to get me through. My heb is usually on a Special K chewy bar for a sugar kick. Good luck with your journey, I'm here if you need a chat :)


Hi there, I know how you feel, Im a childminder so at home with kids all day too, also a boredom eater. If you're looking for a good book to read try The desperate brides diet club by Alison Sherlock. A great ,funny book that also boosts your diet motivation..cant get better than that!


Hi I recently started and just completed my 3rd week of doing it at home. I HAVE managed to religiously stick to Extra Easy plan but am a bit bummed by a 'stayed the same' this week. I know it beats a gain but still a bit dissapointed. I'm not huge and just trying to drop a bit after having a baby 5 months ago. Happy to knock around this thread xx

I have a busy job then come home to my 5 month old and find writing down what I am having for tea each night for the week is essential. I have a tesco delivery today with stuff so it's all in and no excuses for eating something I shouldn't. I take pasta salads to work and detest cooking them on a night but I apreciate it at work the next day for keeping me on track.


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Hi everyone,

Thank you so much for your replies and support. Sorry I have not responded quicker. I have a couple of days of quality time with my husband - thank god for Nanny's and Grandad's that babysit!

Thank you to those who have suggested keeping a diary. I have decided that I am going to start this on here tomorrow. If nothing else it will give me somewhere to have a little rant, and hopefully encourage me to record my food better. I do have a paper diary, but I haven't religiously written in it every day for a long time.

I have been planning a bit more over the past few days, and spent ages looking at food labels when I was in asda's last week. I have planned tomorrow's food already, and will plan the rest of the weeks tomorrow afternoon whilst recovering from a trip to the dentists.I have planned my allowable snacks/syns:
- low cal hot chocolate (e.g. cadburys highlights) - only 2 syns a cup. I like these as an evening drink - will fill me up more than a bar of chocolate would!
- mini milks - only 1.5 syns if I fancy something sweet
- soreen banana loaf bars - although these are 5 syns each, these are quite satisfying, and I can have just the one, without wanting to reach out for more, which is what I would want to do if I ate an ordinary cake bar. I think this has something to do with them being only 20% sugar, in comparison to most cakes and chocolate which are 50% sugar (lately I have been watching a lot of programmes, and reading books/articles on how bad sugar is for you, and how it contributes to weight gain)

it's weird - knowing that I am allowed these if I want them, on top of the free mullerlight yogurts etc, makes me crave other snacks etc less. It's just general psychology I suppose - if you tell yourself that you aren't allowed something then you want it more!

I feel I have been fairly good over the past few days, though to be honest I haven't been counting syns etc. I have just tried to make healthier choices in general. For example, my Husband and I went out to dinner at Zizzi's yesterday, and I instinctively picked out healthier options (this was helped by their heart symbols, which denote a starter/dessert being less than 300 calories, and their mains less than 600). I chose food that would be as little processed, and as filling as possible. Whereas I would normally go for a much higher calorie option, thinking sod it, I'm having a nice meal out, I shall treat myself to everything! Well yesterday proved to me that picking the healthier option doesn't deprive me of nice food - my dinner was absolutely gorgeous!!

feeling much better about myself in the last couple of days. I have decided to take the pressure off of myself slightly. Although I shall of course continue to weigh myself, I am going to set myself targets (and of course, rewards) for completing exercise etc, rather than for pounds lost. I am hoping that if I stop making such a big thing over what the scales say, and instead concentrate on being healthier, then this weight loss journey will be a tad more enjoyable!!! and with any luck I shall create lifelong good habits, rather than just sticking to a diet for a limited period of time.

Thanks again to all who have responded to my posts. If anyone is interested I shall put a link to my diary on here tomorrow.



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Sorry to hear about your op - hope you are on the mend! Thanks for your tips. I am going to make it my mission this week to plan all of my meals (well, as much as I can. I'm at the mother-in-laws for the weekend. I might take some food with me!). i am going to plan for this week specifically, based on what is in the fridge etc. I am also going to create a default meal plan, for 4 weeks, for myself and my daughter. the plan is to use that as a template in the future, and just change the odd meal here and there if I fancy something specific/am eating out etc.
I am one for pepsi max at the moment - I suppose that does the same job as fizzy water!!
Thanks for the tip about frozen stir fry packs - I haven't come across them before! I love stir fry, but my Husband doesn't so we either don't have it, or I end up throwing half of the pack away! Individual frozen packs sound great as I could cook just enough for me for lunch/if he's not eating with me etc.

This is the key to my success I think - not only planning meals, but planning meals that can be quickly prepared, especially during the week. Things like cottage pie are lovely, but they can take quite a bit of time to prepare!! As soon as the freezer is a little emptier I shall make something like cottage pie/lasagne once a week in a big batch, and freeze a meal or two's worth for an easy dinner another night.
I'd love a slow cooker, but being in such a small flat we don't really have room for one! It would be ideal for us though really - I could prepare a nice chilli con carne, or casserole nice and early during the day, then will only need to serve it come dinner time when I am pooped!!! I think I might just have to put one on my christmas list......

thanks for the book recommendation! I shall give that a google in a minute.
boredom is a killer!! I have put on the majority of my excess weight through being stuck in an office, doing a boring job, and reaching out for the junk food to pass the time!! I eat a lot less know, providing I don't get skip meals, or lose too much sleep.

it can be so demotivating to have a stay the same week can't it? hence why I am trying to focus on other mini goals this week, rather than what the dreaded scales say. Try and congratulate yourself on your efforts to be healthier (prepping your lunches the night before etc), so that you don't get too disheartened.

I will try to come online each evening to check for posts, so if anyone is in need of a chat/rant I'll try and be around as much as I can for all of you.

Have a good week everyone :)