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Going it alone


Will be slinky!
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Not sure why i'm writing this post, just to justify it in my head and hopefully get a little support and some 'you can do it's', i guess :wave_cry:

I joined a SW class back in May and so far have lost nearly 10 lbs :) I'm pleased with this and my clothes are definitely looser and i fit into a dress that i couldn't zip up (without the bf having to wrestle me into it) at the beginning of May. So this is spurring me on :character00180:

However, i just don't feel i gain anything from the classes at all. I love the SW diet as i don't have to go hungry (i'm a big eater) and couldn't deal with a diet that made me eat like a gnat, i just wouldn't be able to sustain it. But back to the point, the classes bore me and i don't gain anything from it. I don't need to be applauded or get shiny stickers to prompt me to lose weight. Feeling and looking better and seeing numbers go down is enough for me. Plus it's £5 a week we could really use elsewhere atm...so that started me thinking about going it alone. :silly:

The other thing that has me thinking about going it alone is the pressure the weekly weigh in makes me feel. I've always been a worrier and a stresser (and always will be) and i start to dread weigh in day a few days before (even though i stick at the diet 100%) and feel guilty if i eat a large meal towards the end of the weighing week or even about going out with friends at the beginning of the weighing week and using some syns on drinks because then what if a social engagement pops up at the end of the week and i don't have many syns left?? Should i become a hermit just to lose weight?! Which just makes me think it's silly to put myself through that as it's a stress i can do without. :gen157:

And it's silly if i want this to be long term because this will have to not be a diet, it will have to be a complete change in eating and lifestyle habits. I want to enjoy going out with friends or being able to eat the free food at the conferences i attend, without feeling like it's the end of the world and i've wasted a week. :grumble:
So being as OCD as i am, i started thinking about ways to do it. If i did it alone, the weight might come off a little slower, but i can have a 'life' and re-educate myself on my eating habits instead of feeling like i'm on a diet and shouldn't enjoy myself as it's being formally monitored.

I will stick at it. I want to, and in a way, have to. I've yo-yo dieted for years and the weight goes back on with a vengence because it's not sustainable....whereas SW is! I'm sick of being miserable about my weight and my terrible eating habits. The other kick up the bum was my OH. He's a type 1 diabetic, so ofc needs to watch his blood sugar and weight. He's had a pretty good handle on it all these years, but since we've lived together etc i've noticed just how badly my junk eating and couch potato-ness has rubbed off on him... to the point where at his last clinic checkup he got a severe telling off about how he's gained weight and has less sugar control :whoopass:(because of all the snacking and bad food and couch-potatoing that has rubbed off on him... he never used to) and he'll start getting problems with his sight if he doesn't do something about it. So there's his and my motivation. :(

We have stuck to it and he's lost nearly 8lbs (Which is a terrific achievement for a type 1 :character00238:) but atm we're flagging with the whole 'we can't go out or have anything nice and if we do then it's a week we've ruined, so we'll be strict to get the weight off then we can go out more'. Which i just see will result in disaster as we're still looking at it as a diet opposed to changing our lifestyle. Like this weekend we had his grandparent's anniversary party. Staying on plan wasn't an option, so because we knew we had to "ruin" :airquote:the diet at the weekend, the whole week turned bad because, terribly, we're kind of all or nothing. Whereas if we went it alone i know we'd have just enjoyed the weekend and then gone straight back on plan. As it was i ate for the sake of it. It was there, things were "ruined" so i just ate and ate for the sake of it. Things i didn't particularly want or like even! It taught me a lesson if nothing else. :break_diet:

So we've decided to follow SW at home as i've bought a fancy set of scales (picking them up tomorrow - were on less than half price!) :scale:. We're also going to exercise more, as this is important for his (and my) health. I bought some running trainers (As mine weren't adequate) and we're going to start the c25k program when they arrive. We're also going join some sports clubs when we've got a bit more money behind us!
We're also going to go out when we want to, and make up for it with extra exercise. :character00115:

We're changing our lifestyle, healthy eating, a lot more activity and enjoying ourselves in the meantime and living opposed to dieting and putting life on hold. The weight may come off a little slower, but it will come off in a way we can sustain and keep it off. So this is for life! Not just a diet to fix the weight, but a lifestyle change that we are both looking forward to :) :) :superwoman: Will definitely be weighing weekly too! :eek:

Sorry this was such a long ramble... thank you for reading if you managed :gen126: :thankyou:

I feel positive about 'going it alone' but a little nervous! :help2:

I'm sure you'll see me posting a lot more round here, as you guys are now my 'group' :) :grouphugg:
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You sound exactly like me! :D

I ended up not going back to group after having a bad week because I was scared of what people would think if I'd gained. Silly, but I'm going it alone now, and it seems to be working when I have a good week and stick to the diet. But there's less stress, and less guilt (especially when I have one too many vodkas!).

I'm not sure whether going it alone produces slower results, but at least you're doing it at your own rate, and like you said, saving that £5 that could go towards all the healthy food shopping that needs to be done! :D

Good luck with your weightloss! :D xxxxxx


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from reading that, i think you will be absolutely fine!! :)

i go it alone (with the help and support from Minimins) and i am doing fine, as long as you have the motivation and you want it bad enough it is perfectly do-able! good luck and well done on your weight loss so far :)

you can do it ;) xx


Will be slinky!
S: 14st12lb C: 13st3lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 26.5 Loss: 1st9lb(11.06%)
:553: Thank you Ruby and Emma <3

Feeling positive :D


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You sound like a really positive person and shouldn't have any problems about going it alone, you just need to want it and you have the incentives.

I'm one of those who can't go it alone, I need that weigh in every week (even though I do the weighing in group and weigh myself) It's knowing I have to get weighed in group that stops me doing naughty things :)

I've left group twice now and put weight back on both times. The only solution for me is to get to target so I don't have pay anyway but still have to weigh and that will keep me on track.


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c25k is fab, get the app if u have and ipod or iphone, its great and easy to follow
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I do SW alone (I think you know that?) and I've personally not felt like I'm missing out on anything by not going to class-but then I've never been, so can't be sure!
But it certainly sounds like you know what you want and you know what you're doing. You know all the basics, you have the starter pack, and this great forum for support. No reason at all why you can't follow SW from home and still lose weight!


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:553: Thank you Ruby and Emma <3

Feeling positive :D
Feeling positive is the biggest part of making 'Going It Alone' a success!

Keep me updated on how you're getting on, you seem like such a positive person - could do with some of your positivity rubbing off on me! xxxx

Mrs V

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I lost 6 stone on SW by doing it myself, before I was in a better financial position to go back to classes. You can do it, but you have to be very committed (I read that you are).
You dont have to have a straight jacket on this plan thats the beauty of it. Hubby and I go out regularly for meals and even takeaways and providing you plan there is no reason to go over your syn allowance a day.
My advice would also be to keep a food diary, they really do help. Come on here as often as you can still and there will always be someone on here that can answer a query that you may have.



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I totally agree with you hun - I HATED the classes, sitting there for an hour getting applauded and listening to every single members gain and loss - i thought it would be like a WW class with a topic each week and hints and discussions. i was bitterly dissapointed. I do it myself and i weigh in each week at my local pharmacy, they have a super digital scales !

We are all here to help you so you dont need the class !!!

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