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Going off plan...

I have a bit of a problem :( actually I shouldn't be sad, but I am...

It's my birthday this weekend, and I'm having to go off plan from today.

I started off with really good intentions of being good today, but they my work colleagues brought in chocolates for me for my birthday...and I ate some :(

And then tonight, my parents are having a "tea party" for me, with all of my family coming. We have all sorts to eat...cheesecake, sandwiches, crisps, dips, cheese and crackers, mini sausages etc...I've made 2 SW quiches and I'll be making SW chips...but I feel like I'm going to go off plan and just eat.

Then tomorrow, I'm going to the races for my birthday. We have a £100 M&S picnic to take with us, full of ridiculously high syn stuff and there's going to be lots of alcohol consume, so I'm defo going to be off plan. I'm not going to be boring on my birthday and not drink or eat!!

But I feel so guilty. My WI is tomorrow, and I'm scared that if I go off plan tonight, my WI is going to be reaaallly bad. I know I'll try my best to pull it back next week, by going to the gym 4 times and sticking to around 5 syns a day. But I'm scared.

Am I being pathetic? I'm going to really try to stay on plan tonight, and just avoid the bad things and stick to SW-friendly things...I'll even go to the gym straight from work and do half an hour before this tea party.

I should just forget it and enjoy my birthday shouldn't I?

I've tried soo hard to be 100% this week, I just don't want to ruin it and don't want to pile the lbs back on!!

Sorry for long post, rant over!!
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Wishing and hoping!
Don't beat yourself up about it, it is your birthday - can not wait for mine I am so off plan.

Enjoy yourself and come back to plan when your ready, it is not disastrous as SW is for life.


Mrs V

Loves Life!
I agree with the others!
How often do we celebrate a birthday?! Have fun, enjoy yourself and get back on track after the weekend.
I have done this recently. I had 2 weekends off plan, expected a gain and was prepared for it...I gained, but I got back to it and lost it all and a bit more the week after.
If you expect the gain Hun and you can justify it, then go for it!
Happy Birthday by the way!

Enjoy your birthday. It was my birthday last weekend and I had a few things where I had to eat (it's a hard life LOL) and I put on a pound at WI but I enjoyed myself and TBH I tink it's a bit obsessive to diet strictly on your birthday, and so I made myself enjoy it and let go a little.

We have to learn to be able to live a normal life aswell as fitting the plan in.

Happy Birthday - don't go completely mad, but DO enjoy.


Addicted to Minimins!
I would say birthdays come once a year and you should bloody well enjoy it and most definately NOT feel guilty about doing so.
Yes, we want to lose weight BUT we still have to live and enjoy ourselves in the process! Have a FAB weekend not worrying about syns, Healthy Extras or Red or green days and afterwards draw a line and get back to the healthy stuff!
And most importantly...........HAVE A FAB BIRTHDAY!!!
Thanks everyone :)

My birthday has started off with a big bang...I've eaten my way through sandwiches, SW quiche, wedges, mini sausages, pringles, doritos, profiteroles, chocolate cake and cheesecake. I feel ILL right now, but it's been fun.

Not going to eat much tomorrow, ate enough to last me a week!

Decided to skip WI tomorrow, and just WI week after!
Enjoy your birthday :) Its only once a year :p So what if you gain a little bit or sts you can just go straight back on just enjoy yourself :p xxx
Firstly, Happy Birthday!!

Secondly, in terms of weight loss, a good blow out can be exactly what a body needs to shock it into action. Even Bob from the Biggest Loser says that it can be really useful, and that the contestants on the BL have a meal after WI where they eat the stuff they really LOVE instead of just the healthy stuff. Enjoy your weekend, and know that you will be back on plan next week. DO NOT get on the scales straight after the weekend. The sheer quantity of food in your body will mean you register a gain, but it wont be a realistic gain, it will be the weight of the food, and by the time you come to WI next week you should be back to normal.

I do this on special occasions and quite often see a bigger loss subsequently than I would normally have. A bit of what you fancy does you good.

Besides, thats what flexisyns are for!!!
Just want to echo what everyone has said; it's your birthday, have a good one m'dear :)
Happy birthday :) hope you really enjoy it, and have fun. I bet you'll even be making some better choices than in the past, and it won't make any difference in the long run. I think that's the great thing about SW - you're allowed to have a life :) x

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