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Going on Holiday Help !!!

I am going away on saturday for 5 days to spain. I don't want to put on loads of weight so i am going to have two shakes per day and an evening meal based on grilled fish or chicken and a green salad. No potatoes or pasta's etc. However i really do think i may like a couple of drinks i.e Vodka and Soda with Ice.

Will i be ok to do this or not. I have had this break booked for ages and we are going with another couple who don't know i am on a VLCD. I will drinks lots and lots of water and don't plan to have a drink until after my meal.

Help me its a dilema thats worrying me.

I plan to swim everyday and get some exercise walks etc. I really don't want to put loads of weight on whilst i am away x
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i going away in a couple of weeks for 5 days and i already said to my cdc, i going to have 2 shakes and an evening meal like you describe, she said yes that fine and i said i would like an odd glass of alcohol she didnt see that as a problem as everything else wasnt bad, so she didnt see why i wouldnt come back without a loss
Thanks for that my sister speaks spanish so i have already learned. ala plancha means plain grilled no sauce and ensalade Verde (prounounced birdy) means green salad. If i stick to white fish and salad along with lots and lots of water i think i will be ok.

Just worried about the alchohol bit if i put 2 lbs on i won't be too upset as i know i can get shut of that quickly but i can't bear the thought of more just because i have got into the 12 stones now and i haven't been there for four years.

Thanks Paris !!! Where are you going for your hols?

If it was me...id come off plan for the 5 days.. but not drink (thats coz i dont drink) I came off plan in july for 2 weeks.gained and lost it all again within 3-4 days

Im coming off plan next month when im in the states no way im ss'ing out there!! will also be off plan for january for another mini break

It depends how easy you find it getting back on plan? i find it pi$$ easy ...others find it a nightmare

Its a chance you take

Thats my opinion :D
Off to Benidorm got a cheap deal £200 for 5 days B&B where are you hon?


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I'm much further north - If you follow a map up the coast You'll eventually hit Tarragona and Salou - I'm about half an hour inland from there!
Shame - if you had been going to Salou I could have popped over and said hi


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Hey darling!

So jealous!! I myself am off on holiday, but not for another 2 months, so I'll deal with that closer to the time! When you're in Spain, make sure you add "sin salsa ni aceite" pronounced " sin salsa nih ass-ate-eh"(without sauce nor oil)... as salads tend to come dressed with lots of olive oil!! Yummy but not ideal with your diet!!

Good luck!!

J, I went on vacation in August for 2 weeks and put on 9 lbs, but ate just whatever, I lost it coming back. I think people worry more about IF they can get back on... I've had two experiences, one I put off going back on CD (always one thing or another), last time, I was back on the day right after I got back, and it worked out just great
Sorry if this isn't a good thing to say,but I think your plan shows great self-discipline. I know although I am totally committed to cd I would come off plan.the old live now pay later! However maybe that's just because I am a greedy taurean.
I know although I am totally committed to cd I would come off plan.the old live now pay later! However maybe that's just because I am a greedy taurean.
Hee Hee Mrs T ditto my birthday is end of April and yes i suffer from one of the 7 deadly sins too. Thats why i have to have a plan and have it focused in my mind.

Thanks hon x


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personally, if you want to drink, you ideally need to have some carbs in you.
2 shakes and a green/white meal should never be recommended as you wont get all your nutrients so either stick with 3 shakes and a meal in the evening (booze not advisable) or go up to the 1000 cal plan which allows more flexibility and dare i say "normality".

Booze is never a good thing when your on a diet as the inhebitions (sp?) go out the window and that Kebab seems like a good idea! lol.

Hope that helps hun and doesnt come across as patronising but booze does make things tricky.

I have SS'ed through occassions, and then eaten totally off plan on others, but never tried a mix "n" match approach as the plans are the way they are for a reason hun.

Whatever you decide, ENJOY yourself! If you come off plan, then so be it and dont suffer the guilt! The decisions we make when we are "normal" will be exaclty the same...this is just good practice! :D


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