Going on holiday - what do you do?

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  1. lilack

    lilack Member

    When you're on holiday do you forget your diet and just start over when you get back, do you stick to it 100% or do something in between.

    We're going away next Monday. Will be my 6th week of SSing and I just don't know what to do. Part of me wants to "have a week off" and not think about dieting but I also don't want to put back on everything I've lost.

    I think I'm going to try and have my 3 packs and just have a small healthy meal in the evening. But if I want to drink alcohol I will have to eat some carbs won't I? And if I'm out of ketosis I'll start to feel hungry. Also don't want to feel ill on my holidays.

    Would love to hear about how others deal with holidays.
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  3. flirty40greeneyes

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    How much more do you need/want to lose?? If only a little move up the plans and go to 1000/1200/1500 cals and you can eat whilst away.

    If you still want to lose quite a bit - either go up to 810 and have your 3packs plus a meal of protein and veg/salad or stay SS-ing. Don't come off it for a week after being so good for 6weeks ... it's SO HARD getting back onto it.

    Where are you going?? and are you s/c or have access to kettle etc??
  4. karenO

    karenO Step away from the chips!

    I'm off on wednesday for a week. I have a full weeks worth of packs/tetras/bars bought & ready to pack. That way i can SS 100% all the way through if thats what i choose to do. However, i have a couple of things planned whilst i'm away: a family meal and a night out with friends (i'm going "home" for my hols, something i only do about twice a year). I've already decided that i wont be drinking alcohol - i dont trust my resolve after a few drinks, never mind the whole alcohol/ketosis thing :eek: but i will probably have the meal. I am, however, going to choose wisely and i'm not going to eat like the world is ending lol. For the rest of the time i intend to SS and refuse a week of full Irish and plates of soda bread & slim :) I've come this far and i really dont want to blow it. I've had lots of friends ring me and try & arrange lunches and overnight stays at theirs - "we'll get a couple of bottles of wine & a chinese" type of invites, and its been quite, oh i dunno what the word is...empowering?....to say "I'd love to meet up so yes, lets, but i wont be drinking or having food, but sure we'll still have a laugh and catch up".
  5. lilack

    lilack Member

    Still got lots to lose and I am worried that if I stray too far I will find it hard to get back to it.

    I'm definitely taking all my packs away with me - we are self catering so no problems with that. I think I'm going to go with the intention of SSing but then have a small protein meal (chicken salad) if I want to.

    I think I just have to face up to no drinking alcohol!
  6. bridie

    bridie Full Member

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    im going on holiday in the 17th and im taking all my packs with me and being really good.
    there will be more holidays when i have lost the weight to be naughty on :) and im sure they will be much more enjoyable holidays as i will feel better about myself
    good luck on your decision hun im sure you will make the right one for you.
  7. missmf

    missmf getting slimmer

    cambridge, sole source. (trying!)
    the main thing is to enjoy your hols and your family.

    if it was me i would take my packs but not be too strict.

    if one day all youve done is lounge by the pool all day with no exersise, then 3 packs ans a salad is plenty.

    if one day you've been really active , walking, playing, swimming etc then a sensible meal without too many carbs will be fine.

    if one day you have a sweet tooth, just have a pud while your out?

    as for drinking that would be my hard bit, but again, if oyur not too bad, a little wont hurt.
    maybe 2 good days of salad and packs before your "big night"
    and then have a meal that night, and be good ish the next day too.

    i'd drink voddy too, as this apprently is the best to drink, and have it with sparkling water and cd water flavouing, then the only "bad" thing is the alcohol, and not the coke/oj/lemonade etc,
    remember - no lemon!!

    i wouldnt deprive yourself of anything, as you'll feel like poo, be unhappy, hate the diet and probably give in and be worse in the ong run anyway!!

    jus keep drinking plenty of water.

    and dont drink too muckh alcohol.

    the main thing is to relax and enjoy your hols - thats what its about.

    and after all, if you put on 5lb, you would of put on more than than that if you wernt on cd so have even more to lose.
    (if that makes sense?!?!)

    enjoy your hols hun, xx
  8. jabbathehut

    jabbathehut This is the last time!!

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    I'm going away on Weds, but it's only going 'home' to UK. I am refusing to be tempted by the KFC adverts, I WILL NOT EAT A HOT ROD BOX MEAL, I have choc tetras (don't love em but easy to have on the go) and cranberry bars as well as shakes that I can have at mum's. See, who needs a Hot Rod box meal when you can have thick gloopy syruppy chocolate tetras ;)....don't even get me started on Pizza Hut.... or fish and chips whilst sat on the Norfolk coast.... :(
    No, seriously, I intend to be 'good' whilst I am there cos when I get back I only have 10 days til hubby comes home :D
  9. karenO

    karenO Step away from the chips!

    Jan i was in Sheringham yesterday and omg the smell of fish and chips was everywhere lol aaarrrrgggghhh! Enjoy your visit home - pity i'm also going "home" the same week or we could have met up in Norwich for a Tetra lol :rolleyes::D
  10. jabbathehut

    jabbathehut This is the last time!!

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    Off to Cromer with the 'Outlaws'. Bah humbug to them me thinks, but one has to make an occasional effort...shame it's always ME who makes the flipping effort!
  11. Angel155

    Angel155 Full Member

    Slimming World
    I am off to Italy on Thursday, driving down to Rome for 2 days and then onto Sorrento for a week. We are meeting up with lots of family and friends as it is my hubby and his sisters 40th this year and her hubby is 60. The holiday is planned as birthday celebrations.

    I have just completed my third week and have lost 20 lbs. I am not taking CD with me, I am going to face the challenge of being surrounded by food and not needing to pick. I am going to have my last pack on Wednesday night and then as soon as I return home that is my holiday over. I will get back on 100% no two ways about it.

    While I am in Sorrento the villa has a pool, so I plan to swim every morning before the kids get in the pool. Will also be doing a fair bit of walking.

    I just see it as a chance to prove to myself that I do not need to binge eat all the time.
  12. Amanda71

    Amanda71 Silver Member

    I'm going camping next week and will be ssing :)
  13. misscheeky

    misscheeky Gold Member

    everyone is of on there holiers :( :( i have to wait another 5weeks not fair!!!!!!
  14. Bunnyg

    Bunnyg Determined

    I am on hols in 3 weeks and I'd have been on CD for 7 weeks. I was gonna wait till after my hols to start CD but thought I would get going before. I am having a week off. I have paid for all inclusive (booked it a year ago) and so now I have I am going to make the most of it, not worry about what I put on and get straight back into it when I get home. I know it will be hard to go back into ketosis again, but I am determined to lose more weight before christmas, so I will do it. If I was going on a self catering holiday though, I would more than likely SS all week x
  15. Toots

    Toots Gold Member

    I'm ashamed to say that I go on holiday and eat healthily (because plenty to do and not bored) - some holidays I have even continued to lose. Then I get back, have the holiday blues, put loads back on, book another holiday and start all over again!!! :cry:
  16. m85912

    m85912 Only a few more pounds...

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    That's a toughie... when I went to Miami this June, I went onto the 810 but drifted off it after a couple of days... drifted off not so much the bad junk food route, but towards eating salads, seafood, fish and chicken, and I came back 2lbs lighter... but then again, since I done so much everyday, I burnt off more than what I consumed so it worked out. On top of that, me eating helped speed up my losses as before I went away my weight stayed the same for quite awhile. It just depends on the individual I suppose and whether or not they make good food choices. i don't know, but good luck and have a great holiday!
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