Going on the TV!


The Diet Guy
I got a call today to say I am going on the new National Lottery quiz on a Saturday night!!

The last time I did a TV quiz I was 25 stone and never watched it when it aired so hopefully this time I will look a little more presentable.

I could in theory win 250 grand but somehow I doubt it but if I do then the water is on me!!

Will let you all know how I get on, we film next week.

The program is called "1 VERSUS 100" and is replacing the Dale Winton bit when that finishes in a few weeks.

Not sure who the presenter is yet but likely to be someone naff!!

Basically there is 100 people trying to beat 1 person (hence the name LMAO!) and the top prize is 250k but more likely around 100k (I am not complaining!!)

I believe I am filming a few episodes but not sure as they don't tell you a lot but will know more once I have done it and so will let you all know.

I will be wearing my sandwich board with pride ;-)

Nice one mike, cant wait to see it! Tell us all the info as soon as you get it!
Thats great Mike, I'm really looking forward to seeing it. Plus I think the "slip a word in" idea is great!!!!
WICKED!!! I'll know someone famous :D

Hope you get the 250K - i'm expecting a bottle of water if you do ;)