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Going out



I ♥ CD !!
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enjoy hun just think how good your gonna feel in the morning :D:D:D:D
Ha yeah the hangover I deffo won't miss!! X


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hope you had a good time!


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I am going to a huge get together tomorrow, and everyone will be eating and drinking. My husband is pleased, as that means for once I will be the designated driver.

I am actually looking forward to the challenge, as if I can resist this, I can resist anything!!!!!


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Its hard to resist! I'm not a big drinker but going out on just water right at the beginning of the diet sucked! and watching everyone else drink and then get kebab afterwards sucked! lol but I'm on day 15 of SS and 100% all the way and am due to go out tomorrow night, got a brand new outfit as some of my going out clothes are too big and some are still too small and I know I'm going to be fine, the people I'm gonna be out with know I'm on the diet and they won't question me at all, am so looking forward to it now :) x


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I keep getting asked if I'm pregnant as it's so unusal on a night out for me not to drink...not that I'm a alcoholic or anything!!

Hope the night went well xx
how did you get on ?? I found it hard at first , but then actually found i really enjoyed being sober and watching everyone else go from normal to stoopid !!! There is a lot of humour to be found in watching drunk people ... and you can be the annoying one that can tell everyone all the stupid and embarrasing stuff they said and did !!
Hi determinator I was ok done it before last time round for three months and your right it is funny to see what people get up to when they've had one two many! Lol but as it's the first time I've been out this time round doing Cambridge I thought I'd find it hard but I didn't! And my friends don't moan at me to drink because they know how much I want to lose weight! It actually gives you such a feeling off euphoria being in control and not falling off the wagon! It all does boil down to choice if I choose to drink alcohol or eat fattening things then I'm choosing to be fat and I want to be slim and I can't be if I drink alcohol and eat crap! X

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