Going over daily syns


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Hi all I've just signed up, this is my first post...

I've been doing SW since the end of October, up to my 1.5 st award...but this week I'm really struggling and have gone over my syns every day since weigh in. It's been star week but I usually stick to my 15 syns. This week I've had 20 to 24 a day. I'm gutted but I've been so hungry.

Is it likely I'm going to see a big gain? Or is this what you do when you maintain...up your syns? If so by how much? Tia x
I'm not sure if you will gain or not, hopefully just a maintain, could you try a few speed days between today and when you get weighed?
Hi Flowerfae, thanks. I've tried to pull it back, I did an SP day yesterday and had 0 syns, think the fright of a gain motivated me I'm doing an SP day again today but will have some syns, just a few though. Weigh day tomorrow so I'll soon see.
I doubt you'll see a big gain as in the grand scheme of things you haven't gone over that much. I will keep fingers crossed for a maintain or a small loss for you.

Are you very active? I need to keep my syns high to lose weight as I'm fairly active (not necessarily over the 15 but over 10 and if I go over the 15 slightly I don't tend to see many negative effects.)