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  1. cambridge*diet*08

    cambridge*diet*08 Silver Member

    I am no longer ss'ing following my binge last wednesday...

    I think this happened as i always set my initial goal as 10,7 / 50lbs in 12 weeks...

    So in week 13 i was not in the zone and had always looked forward to this week as i was going to be 'eating' again.

    I struggled to combine ss and atkins as i felt extremely guilty and disappointed that i couldnt ss 100%... I felt like a failure.

    So week 14's day one was my training day to become a CDC and was a nightmare. I binged before the training and also continued to eat all day, ending in a takeaway pizza in the evening.

    Last Thursday (day after binge) i took final decision to stop ss'ing and am now following Atkins.

    I feel much better for doing one or the other as i felt bad not doing one or the other.

    My angelic side wanted to continue ss'ing but my human side said enough was enough and its time to eat! :break_diet:

    I have amended my blog title to say CD wks 1-12 and now includes atkins diet wks 13+.

    I do feel a fraud though considering my user name... :cry:

    Sorry ladies (and gents) BUT i hope you will still have me on board!!!!!! :confused:
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  3. RuthG

    RuthG Gold Member

    It sounds like you are taking positive steps, which is really good. Keep going, you can do it!
  4. imlosingit

    imlosingit Full Member


    You have done fantasticaly well, it sounds like you have made a positive decision, so just go far it :)x
  5. RuthG

    RuthG Gold Member

    And you will always be welcome here!
  6. cambridge*diet*08

    cambridge*diet*08 Silver Member

    further to a pm i have received regarding promoting other diets and becoming a cdc...

    i will not be seeing clients until i am bmi 25 at least. i feel this would be hypocritical... so i will be on a 'healthy' yet 'low carb' plan to maintain.

    i was not made aware on my cdc training day that i would not be able to follow a plan that was not CD!

    of course i wont be selling atkins products to my future clients BUT at the same time i will be telling them my story. i am not becoming a cdc to be a saleswoman, i am doing it to help others.

    i repeat, i am not promoting atkins. in fact i am not even following atkins 100%. less fat than he suggested but still a low carb diet plan.

    hope this helps if anyone else has concerns!!!
  7. cambridge*diet*08

    cambridge*diet*08 Silver Member

    oh and thanks for the positive comments x
  8. Dancing

    Dancing Gold Member

    Hi Keeley -:hug99:

    It sounds like you have analysed things well..... I think you are spot on re. the 12 week/13 week timing and having set up in your head earlier that you would be eating in week 13.

    Good luck with Atkins. I hope it serves us both well. I'm sure we will both get to our goals.

    Let our experiences be a learning experience for others so they can avoid the same pitfalls!
  9. cambridge*diet*08

    cambridge*diet*08 Silver Member

    thanks dancing, always there when i need you!
    see you on low carb forum lol...
  10. Dancing

    Dancing Gold Member

    oh dear - I'm sorry to hear you are getting this type of response. This really isn't the type of stress/negativity you need right now.

    And here here to not being a saleswoman!!!! And why on earth should you avoid speaking your truth and getting to your goal in whatever means necessary. This does not in anyway undermine CD - CD is a fab diet and works fantastically as long as people stick to it 100% and plan plan plan and realise the mind plays a HUGE role in the plan... To continue to try to finish on CD when it is causing mental strain and feeding into the cycle of "off plan, guilt, off plan" just because you are training to be a CDC is idiocy in my view.

    I'm sure i have more to say but I've lost track of what I've written now.

    Keeley - don't stress about things honey - just do what you need to do and be honest with yourself and others.!!!

  11. Hi, How can you possibly expect to be on CD for ever...There has to be life after CD and it's about finding a plan that suits you to help maintain the fantastic weight losses that you've had with CD. I think you've done fabulously well. Just wanted to congratulate you on your weight loss and I for one will be interested to hear how you get on with a low carb diet following CD. I'm really worried about keeping the weight off once I finally manage to lose it and I definitely don't want to be on CD forever.

  12. Dancing

    Dancing Gold Member

  13. Skyemagic

    Skyemagic Full Member

    Hi Keeley,
    first of all, well done on your achievement!! And you will always be welcome on here. I think you'll be a great CDC because you have done it, were successfull with it but went on to find another plan that suited you better. What better experience can a CDC have. You will be able to advise your clients honestly and understand when they get into difficulties following CD.
    I am half way through CD but my mind has been wandering towards other solutions as well. I want to stick to CD until I am at least another 2 stone lighter. I have read a book about Low GL and Low GI and I find them very interesting but also some aspects of Atkins i like.

    Keep doing what you are doing and stick around here. We'd miss you if you didn't...

  14. amethyst

    amethyst Banned

    hi welldone on your losses hun..

    your always welcome here :)

    and i shall be following you as soon as i am back from hols :)
  15. Heffa

    Heffa Full Member

    Bum to the negative comments I'd say.
    You've done really well and at least you are sticking with a diet you feel you can stick to.
    Yay you!
  16. blue_grapefruit

    blue_grapefruit Gold Member

    Well i say well done.

    Firstly for losing all this weight in the first place, for sticking to CD for as long as you have, and for taking some positive steps. I don't know of one CDC who hasn't tried another diet, and i know a few who actively eat low carb now that they have finished their CD journey.

    Congrats to you hun, and i just know that you'll inspire so many people to lose weight.

    BTW - if you do feel strongly about your username, then PM an admin and ask for a change - might be the right time now that you've successfully lost 50lbs and are looking fab, but on the other hand i'm sure the sane among us wont judge you for your username doll

    Good luck with any future weight loss, you're a real inspiration xxx
  17. Porgeous

    Porgeous Chilling

    I am really sorry and disappointed to hear that you have received a negative response. I for one think that what you are doing is a really positive step. You are listening to your body and making changes to suit rather than entering into a viscious and negative cycle of SSing/Bingeing. CD isn't forever it is merely a weightloss tool and when it has served its purpose we move on to whatever fits with our needs and lifestyle. So hats off to you and well done!

  18. Hedgehog

    Hedgehog Gold Member

    Keeley, you seem to be doing what is right for you, best of luck with your continuing journey. I hope you will still be around here too :)
  19. LizDesigns

    LizDesigns Silver Member

    Hi Keeley,
    I just want to echo Georgie's comments. You have done absolutley fantastic and I just want to wish you the best of luck on your new journey.
  20. cambridge*diet*08

    cambridge*diet*08 Silver Member

    Can i just say thank you for all your positive comments, the negative one did take me by surprise as it came from an existing CDC... maybe they should be a little more understanding! Just my opinion.

    Anyway i am still atkins/low carbing and enjoying it.

    I hope everyone had a good weekend whether cd'ing or not!

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