Going through stabilisation... need help with 1200 and 1500 plan NEED CDC HELP!


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Im about to go onto the 1000 kcal plan, but I have been looking through my yellow book, and I noticed that for the 1200 and 1500 kcal plans they give you meal ideas, but not actual 'choose one of the following' kinda things. I really need to know what I can have on both these plans, so that I can plan my daily menu. I like to plan in advance what I am having for the week so that I can shop for it etc.

Can any CDC help me, give me a list of what I can have at breakfast lunch and dinner, I dont want recipe ideas, I just need food choices, the amounts, etc.


Hi Leighann....don't panic! You'll see that pages 16 to 26 of the Yellow Book have all the information you'll need when you get there!

Don't rush it - the more time you take over stabilisation the easier maintenance will be - and that's the hardest bit of all....

Check with your Counsellor to make sure you get all the support you need.

Hi Lesly

I have looked through the book. What I am after is something like they have listed for AAM, 790, 1000 plans, where I can choose from a list and make my own meals. The 1200 and 1500 plans have meal ideas, which is not what Im looking for, and Im hoping that someone out there has a list of what I am after.. fingers crossed.

I am taking it slow, spending 2 weeks on every step, and really enjoying it :)

Hi Leighann

I was wondering the same about this (boredom setting in!). I keep thinking "what if i'm out" you can't really demand the place cook you a steak and stout casserole!!!.

Will be interested in any replies.

Jazzy x

Hopefully someone from Cambridge will see this and realise that we all need this list so that we can make smart choices when dining out, or shopping. I still have my fingers crossed that someone has a list floating around somewhere that they can post online
Must admit I'm with you on this one Leighann, I'd have much prefered a list too. Like you I don't really find the meal ideas that helpful - to be honest can't be bothered with recipes either.

Having said that I'm coping very well by using the meal ideas as guidelines and making sure that I'm keeping an eye on the calories. I think the important thing is that you stick to the general guidelines i.e. only substitute like for like, so for example, not replacing protein for carbs etc.

I've been keeping a daily food diary on my maintenance thread - perhaps that will give you a better idea of how I'm coping :)

I have been reading your diary with interest. I actually even copied your 1000 kcal plan and are going to use it for me two weeks (I hope you dont mind) that way I can know exactly what I am going to have on each day (Im a little pedantic like that!).

I just want to do this stabilisation process correctly and as its the first time for having food for over 9 months for me, I need a daily plan.

Maybe they are coming out with a list as we speak, if more of us request it, surely they will consider doing one!!!!!


I just emailled Cambridge to see if they have a list, I will keep you guys posted on their response. I stated in my email that there are some of us that would prefer a list as well as the recipe's, lets hope that they have a list for us :)

I actually even copied your 1000 kcal plan and are going to use it for me two weeks (I hope you dont mind)

Oh please be my guest leighann, that's exactly one of the reasons I decided to post a daily diary.........I was hoping it would help others on their maintenance journey. Also feel it helps to keep me on track and makes sure I plan properly :)

Would you be so kind to post a link to your 1000 plan, Must admit I'd like a list too. I'm not quite ready for 1000 yet but am looking forward to it and dreading it at the same time. I would like to use it for steady weight loss, but don't always have time to follow recipes.


You can find Demons maintenance journey on the thread named Demons 6st losers (or something like that), its a great thread and will give you an idea of what to eat. I have copied her daily diary and plan to use it as a template for when I start the 1000 plan on Thursday :)


Ok, so this is the email response I got from Cambridge.

We don't have a separate list other than the suggested foods that are in the booklet that you have. Pages 30 - 35 show tables of foods together with their calorific value. You should contact your Counsellor who will sit down with you and go through the suitable alternatives. They are there to help you through this process.'

So I looked at the pages they said, and I have decided that I will buy a little pocket calorie counter and use that. So if I decide to have a 150kcal breakfast, I can look up the amounts for the cereals I have and make wise choices. I am hoping that I can find a pocket GI/Calorie counter so it gives me both the GI rating and the Calories, so that I can make low cal/low GI choices. Does anyone know if such a thing exsists?????

I hope this helps you all.

I have a "Collins Gem" GL guide. Its pocket sized, cost £3.99 and gives a basic intro to the diet theory then food tables which show: portion size, carbs, fibre, cals, protein, fat and gives a Red/Amber/Green to the GL value (in relation to the given portion size)

I am sure there was a very similar one available for GI.

Try Amazon?