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Going to chemist on Monday to see if I can do LT diet.


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Hi Claire and welcome!

LT say you should lose approx 1 stone / month. Depends on your start weight and the rate your body will part with the fat - some people do more than a stone in the 1st month. The only way you'll know for sure is to do it!! The hair loss is not instantaneous or permanent. I have had some hair shedding, but am fortunate to have really thick hair, so it's not noticeable and has made my hair more manageable. I've been doing this for over 5 months :)

You need to be determined and in the right mindset when you start. The first week can be tough, but it's really worth persevering as the first weeks loss is usually a great one. Once in ketosis it does get easier as your hunger will diminish. Let us know what you decide, and hope to see you again soon.

Best wishes

Kay x x x


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Hi Claire. :)

Pretty much what Teapot said.

It all depends on your body and your will power. I've done LT several times (I keep getting back into bad habits and regaining some weight)

I started at nearly 14st 4 years ago. I want to be under 10.

I've never noticed any hair loss at all but I've never done more than 6 weeks.

Good luck :)
Thank you for that, sounds like there is some great moral support on here. I am looking forward to starting the diet, I am so fed up of being over weight. I weigh 13 st 7lb and want to weigh 10st 7lb. hope to do it within 3 monhs then eat sensibly and healthily, I just need the help to get my old body back, once I am slim again I am hoping my image in the mirror and the comfort in my clothes will give me the strength to stay away from the bad habits and bad foods. Can't wait now to get started, need to get my head around it, NO FOOD for 12 weeks!!!! Scary prospect. I have been reading that some people allow them selves one low carb low cal meal a week and still lose, will this approach work also?


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I think it's best to try to stick 100% to LT for at least a month.
If you manage a month then reassess how you feel.

Many of us have a weird relationship with food which is why LT is so good - it makes you think about this a lot.


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Not eating for 12 weeks is not as hard as it sounds once you are on the road! It's you head having difficulty absorbing something so 'foreign. For most of the time you're not actually hungry, and the shakes are enough to fill you up 3 times a day. If you eat low carb meals you are likely to slow down your potential weight loss, but ultimately, I'd say try it 100% first and see how you get on!


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I agree, if you eat and slow your weight loss down, your just dragging out longer and costing more money, best to stick to it 100% then lose the weight and get it over with ASAP, I lost just under 2 stone in 4 weeks by doing it 100% so it does work. Wishing you lots of luck x
Thank you so much, it really really helps having people being so supportive and nice. I am starting tomorrow, got my shakes about an hour ago. I am going to do it 100% as recommended. I will keep you posted, I am slowly getting the hang of the forum, if I don't reply to you quickly I will have forgotten how to look at my posts... I will get it sorted!
You losing 2 stones in 4 weeks is amazing!!! WOW well done, hope I can do the same.
Thanks teapot for the support, really appreciate it, going to do 100% for 10 weeks and see how i get on. I have a wedding in 4 weeks that will be my stumbling point, shall I just have a day off but eat sensibly or avoid food and alcohol altogether?
Well done Claire, and good luck for your start tomorrow! Try not to go too mad with the carbs today ;)
Wedding wise - personally, I'd carry on 100% and not eat. Your friends want you to be at their wedding to celebrate their marriage, not solely to feed you. I made it thru christmas and new year without eating (when I cooked it all for my family) so I wouldn't break it for a wedding. If you do eat, stick to protein and stay away from veg and carbs that can take you out of ketosis and make the few days after the wedding difficult again. I wouldn't advocate any alcohol - some people are ok but many find a drink hits them like a tonne of bricks and can make you very ill. Do a proper week's refeed if you're going to drink. I'd keep a champagne/wine glass full of sparkling water on the go during the toasts etc so you can still join in! Take your shake with you and you can pop off and find a quiet corner and have it when you're ready :) x x x
Thank you,
You really know what you are doing, it's good to get advise from you, I've seen your weight loss.... WOW, that's some will power! I am going to do this, I am going to hang my size 12 favourite dress up on my bedroom door to keep me motivated.
Good luck Claire :)
Just checking how you are getting on today :)

Yesterday was fine, I wasn't hungry all day. Today I am hungry so I am drinking plenty of water and staying busy. Thank you so much for asking!
At the end of the day if it isn't demanding then it isn't worth doing, I am so very fed up of being overweight so I am going to stick to it because all the hard work will pay off in the end.
When I get back into my post pregnancy clothes I will watch what I eat because I have absolutley no intention of feeling this way again.
Hope you are ok, you have done so well in 3 weeks.
Thanks for the support.

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