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Going to cinema tonight, what snacks can I take???

If you realy want the halo to shine, how about a few bags of mixed fresh fruit, boring I know for the cinema, but who ever said it was compulsary to have treats. Lots of people have nothing and a good many of them are slim. Is there a connection I wonder lol.


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Ryvitas sound good but dont think the mikados are gonna cut it, they'd proberly send me into a chocolate feeding frenzy, lol!


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I find that Kellogg's crunchy oatbakes satisfy that hand to mouth urge :D

Popcorn isn't too bad in terms of syns either.

Frozen grapes?

Frozen yoghurt instread of ice cream?


Gin and tonic please!
3 x Babybel light as a HEXA/HEXB, (you could take the whole bag to use both! :D) a curly wurly - 6 syns, and then some syns left for a nice Options with squirty cream when you get in from the cold.


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All great ideas guys, ive made a fruit salad of apple wedges and big chunky bits of honeydew melon and im going to have a coke zero when I get there! I am going to be virtuous, lol!

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