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Going to Group - how has it helped you?


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A few years ago I got to target and kept the weight off for over a year but a change in job meant I stopped going to class and before I knew it I was joining my new workmates in greasy rolls in the morning and take-away lunches and voila, in the space of a couple of months I was the heaviest I'd ever been. For a couple of years I yo-yoed between losing two stone and putting it back on by faddy eating and at the start of this year decided enough was enough. I had lost a stone and a half on my own but couldn't seem to get any further than this and then went on holiday and put half a stone back on and couldn't seem to get back into a healthy frame of mind and then I realised- I need the support of a class/consultant and someone to 'answer' to. I went back to class a few weeks ago and though I joined on my own I was made to feel welcome and my head is firmly screwed back on. It's harder to cheat yourself when someone else is weighing you and the class gives you meal ideas you would never have thought of yourself and vice versa. Yesterday I got a card through the post from my consultant which I thought was such a lovely touch and is sitting pride of place on my fireplace. Sorry for the story!


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I find going to group very motivating. That weekly weigh in really keeps me focused as I dread it showing an increase. My weighing scales at home are all over the place but the consultant's scales are far more accurate and so I trust them. It's such a fabulous feeling when they show a loss and gives me such a sense of achievement which inspires me to carry on.

I always stay after the weigh in as I find it really helpful to see how other people are doing. We learn new things from the consultant and it's good to have a chat with others and we all pick up tips from each other. We can also get help and support if we're struggling.

I never thought that going to a group would be my thing but now I try to never miss a meeting. Then in between group meetings I have this great forum to keep me going.


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Yay! Definitely looking forward to joining a group now.

I went to WW about 12 years ago and hated it, the woman who ran it was awful and I used to wonder what I was giving her money for, lol. She used to go on about how she was under her target weight and how she wouldn't be allowed to be a leader if she lost any more weight...ummm, hELLOOOO ISSUES!! She said to me that I maybe shouldn't get down to goal as "you've still got a fat arse but with those cheekbones you're starting to look gaunt, frankly" - you can understand why I need a bit of encouragement to go now can't you!

Also, do you think there'll be other members who I can go running/to aerobics with?


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SW group is now my hoghlight of the week. I have made some lovely friends especially as the group I go to is very small. I love hearing about other people's weeks from a slimming point of view. The taster sessions are good lots of yummy free food. On the weeks when i feel a bit low I always come away feeling ok even if I have put weight on. You may very well find some likeminded people who may enjoy running with you. good luck and let us know how you get on xx


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I realy enjoy my group the other people there and the SWC are all very posative and try to help if you are struggling.

It is a night off for me as hubby looks after the children cooks them tea and puts them to bed.

I am sure that you will make friends quickly and find someone to train with.


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It's like a second family to me! There's no problem (slimming wise) that they can't help me with, they've all been there and can give you strategies for avoiding or correcting things. It's a taster evening, I forgot so I'll make something now and take it tomorrow! You get ideas for new food from them and it's social too. Make sure you stay afterwards, weighing and going on a regular basis doesn't work.


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i like going to my group as i get no help or support at home what so ever, i leave the weekly class and feel good even if i have gained.
this site is the best too, there is always someone to help or congratulte you on your loss even if no one cares at home
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LOL Jenmac .... was her name Marjorie Dawes? Dust anyone! DUST!

When I did slimming world as a teenager I didn't really like going to meetings (I was the youngest there.. and I wasn't that overweight then, I was never skinny.. I was curvy though around hips but I was happy with that.. I got dragged there by my mum though lol... I think it was more that she wanted to lose weight actually and didn't want to go on her own)
I hated it... all the ladies were way older then I was and I didn't really want to be there anyway.

But this time I loved being at the meeting.. they're all really nice and the consultant is lovely. I can't wait to go back next week.
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I have only been to 2 meetings but thought it was fab!
I was supposed to go back on Thursday but didnt have enough money to re-join, so i'm going to go this Thursday coming insted.
I was thinking about going on Tuesday morning but the consultant on a Thursday evening is so lovely, that I want to be in her group lol
She does a weekly raffle for a basket of fruit and other SW faves aswell, then whoever wins has to then use the money collected in the raffel to make another basket for next week, it's great!

Plus you get to buy scan bran, the mag at a discount price and get an accurate weight.


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I went to group and stopped and put more back on so now back at group again and its coming off and feeling much more motivated and it keeps me on track most of time lol

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