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Going to see my nurse this afternoon...


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I've managed to make an appointment to see my nurse this afternoon. I mentioned a while ago about seeing whether the NHS can pay for my gym membership or something just over the summer as without a job, I can't afford it. Though hopefully I'll find a job soon anyway! I said that I wanted to see her about my underactive thyroid, I didn't want to tell the receptionist it was to do with weight. I would have felt stupid. I do need to talk to her about my thyroid though as well, as I feel like lately my symptoms have come back with brute force so maybe need to up my thyroxin.

Anyway, I just don't know how to approach it all. I might have to stop doing CD for a couple of months until I either find a job or go back to uni, so the support of my nurse would be great. But I just don't really know how to bring it all up with her, and what help I can ask for or expect. Even how to bring up the gym/exercise on prescription thing.

Any suggestions or advice? Anyone seen their practice nurse or doctor about similar?
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Sorry hun I can't help but just wanted to say I hope it all works out for you. I'd say to to talk to her straight and see what help there is out there for you.

Anyway I'm thinking of you. I noticed you've been a bit quiet. Hugsx


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Hi, Hope it all goes okay at the doctors for you today!

With regards the Gym, the Drs only subsidise it, they don't pay for it completely.. so you will have to pay towards the cost.

Good Luck x


Slimming down the aisle
Yup, you can. I think it's that you pay around £1.00-1.50 per session, much cheaper than £4.80! Though apparently sometimes they will also pay for it in it's entirety. My friend had it where the doctors paid for 12 weeks of membership, she had to go in to be weighed and chat through it all once a month, and if after those 12 weeks she'd lost over 5% (I think) of her weight or body fat, they'd consider renewing it again. So I don't know how they'll help. But I physically can't afford it any other way at the moment, otherwise I wouldn't get the NHS to pay. Once I have a job, or am back at uni, I'm happy to carry on paying myself.

Apparently my gym/leisure centre also has an 'exercise on prescription' class. Where it's 'prescribed' by doctors and it's a class specifically aimed at those overweight, so the workout is tailored to have a good workout but not be too difficult, while still getting maximum results, if that makes sense!


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I think if you said you know that you have a slight weight issue, but that you hve looked into how you can resolve it then they should help, you can tell them how you've already reduced your BMI (well done btw.) and how you want to tone up as you continue to loose weight. I think if you go with a positive approach they might help.

Good Luck