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Going to the doc

Kay C

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Hi, well my last GP never let me have anything I asked for, he refused me Xencial point blank saying he didnt agree with it, (yet he has previously prescribed me with it, so he was contradicting himself) - so I changed doctors, and one my first visit to get a repeat prescription for some other meds I am on, I kinda just dropped it into the conversation that I wanted to go back on the xen, she weighed me, and then printed me out a prescription, so that was really easy. I think you should be honest with your GP, tell him/her that you have been on alli for a while, and whilst you are losing weight etc, explain that it is costing you a fortune and ask if you can get it on prescription, I can't see how he/she could refuse you (unless you go to the same GP as my old one!) - good luck
Thanks - I'm Surprisingly nervous gonna try and get it sorted for tomorrow!! Wish me Luck!' xx


I will do this!
good luck kirsty! I'm seeing my gp monday...
Gemma79 said:
good luck kirsty! I'm seeing my gp monday...
Were have to let eachother know how we get on!! Xx
i tried to get from gp about a month ago and was told that it was no longer recommeded as it cost the nhs too much money..... My doc is very honest and would not fob me off, he knows it has worked for me in the past..... Good luck if you can get it.... BY the way i'm in northern ireland.
My appt is at 430 I'm Hoping they'll give it to me! I've lost almost 2.5st without their help so hopefully they will see I'm dedicAted :( xx


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Good luck for 4.30 :)

I see my gp tomorrow and I'm hoping to come away with a prescription as she told me 4 weeks ago to follow a low fat diet and as long as I have lost something she will prescribe it. I have lost about 1/2 stone so fingers crossed it's enough
She gave it to me no problem!! She was chuffed with my loss so far! So yay!! Xx


I will do this!
well just been to gp and got the pills no problem. He said he could see I had lost a lot of weight last year and was happy to give me a boost. So now it begins...