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I can haz cake?
theres a maintenance forum on the boards there might be a lot of people there that can help.

Your supposed to eat the extra so you don't lose any weight, its covering the deficit that the diet provides. :)

If you eat what you've been told to eat, and you are still losing you can add on 1 or 2 more a day, or decrease if you put on, It's all very much an estimate, and the onus is on the person to figure it out with a bit of trial and error.

If you are on the high side of your healthy weight and want to lose a bit more, just stick with what you were on for a few weeks (I assume 29?)
I cant find a maintenance forum specifically for WW.If anyone is at goal I would like to hear how they managed it and how many points they had. Any help would be appreciated.


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i'm not at goal but i heard my leader telling a new gold member to have 3 extra daily points. was you eating you're weeklies?

the leaders tend to tell you to have less than esource says and see where you stabilize.

there is no definate answer, like hannata says it's trial and error because what you need depends on a lot of things, i.e how much exercise do you do.


I can haz cake?
and if you eat/do not eat your weeklies you need to keep at what your doing. If you exercise your body may still be changing (gain muscle perhaps) so it is a bit of hit and miss. I personally can't wait for the trials of maintaining because I'll know i'll be at a level where I can realllly perform in the gym :)
i'm maintaining now and still struggling!!!i stick to around 30pp a day and use about half my weeklies,some days i'd use 35 and other days 27 or 28 if i'm hungry i'll eat if not i wont stuff myself either:)i've lost 4lbs since reaching goal and don't want to lose anymore,but still find that i cant really relax with food as i'm terrified of gaining again:(
Sam. That would be great. Ive been having the 35 points a day since Tuesday as a bit of a celebration, but will go down if I gain. Yummy it is hard isnt it, you think that when you get to target it will be great but its still hard work. I will start a new thread just for us Gold members to support each other. Join me there if you want to.

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