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Golly gosh i need help!

Oh my days!!!!!!! A lovely lady from my boyfriends Mums church has sent us a naughty package today!

The OH opened a package to find a hand written letter (so nice bless her!) and a tray of home baked millionaires shortbread and a tray of fruity flapjack for us!

The OH was telling me that she writes and sends food packages to uni students living away from home who are from the church. Isn't that nice! Makes me tear up a bit haha :)

BUT I reeeaaallly want some shortbread. Help help help!!!!!!!!!! It looks so yummy!
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Step away from those naughty treats :D. You're better off without a bloated belly full of shortbread. It needs you, you do not need it! :D lol
Nooo don't do it - you have done so well


Winning a losing battle!
Bless, what a lovely thing for her to do!

Have you got any nice neighbours that you could donate them too? You don't want to be staring at them all night!
Oh my god, that would be my worst nightmare - I LOVE millionaires shortbread! Are you going to give it to your neighbours/friends as your OH is on CD as well isn't he?

I don't envy you, that's so difficult - all that yummy food!



Winning a losing battle!
Maybe break them down into smaller portions as well and then freeze them. When you're at goal, you'll only want a small piece anyway!

Make sure you bury them deep in the freezer under something you don't really like, you should hide their little voices that way!


hoping for a good loss
Do freeze some and save it for another time when you are slim.

What a sweet little lady
Em Felix.. doesn't she know that you and OH (her son) are on CD? If so what is she doing? Or have I got the wrong end of the stick?

Picture how much butter is used to make that shortbread (in a whole tray there must be at least a pound) and then think of that on your belly!
Noooo she doesn't know! His mum gave her our address cos she likes to write to people from the church who are away at uni and sends them packages. She said in the letter so let her know if my OH is not bothered about getting letters from a batty old woman but we think it's very sweet of her to do it for people :) we are going to send her a thank you letter tomorrow!

Eugh I hate butter haha! They are defo going in the freezer for safe keeping hehe!
Phew.. I was having visions of a totally manipulative "christian" old bat who didn't want you and OH to change so was trying to sabotage! Lol
Send them this way haha omg I love millionaires shortbread! I used to eat a whole box of mini ones from asda in one shitting! Blurgh! Lol

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