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I like food... I LOVE FOOD... i think about its constantly!! I NEED HELP

Hi Everyone,

Im new!! This is my 5th week on SW, lost 9 1/2 so far!

Finding it really really hard! Mostly because I work alot, dont plan my meals but mostly just because I love food which is not good for me!

I talk about food alot, I think about food alot, I eat a food alot!

Ive been reading some diaries and posts on here the past week or so while ive been having my lunch and its helped me feel a bit motivated and its made me laugh... im not the only one out there going through the same thing.

Im not so keen on writing on here everything I eat but im goign off on a weeks holiday from work to celebrate my birthday which means I will miss my weigh in this week which has given me the motivation to join here and find a little support.

Its begun, I get weighed on a Thursday morning which normally means I binge on the weekends and then catch back up, which I need to stop.

I was at a wedding on Saturday which meant A LOT of wine and some hot pork sandwhiches with stuffing in a big fat white bread bun and roast potatos. This then followed by a dreaed hangover which needed a sunday lunch and then a take away pizza! :( I could cry at the though....

Anyway 2 days left at work then im going to see my dad for a few days (his house is always full of treats) then back home for a night out with friends (wine & cocktails) then to Paris for the weekend with my boyfriends...... I should be soooo excited but im dreading it!

so here we go.

Breakfast ive had weetabix + semi skimmed milk

im onto my 3rd green tea.... im trying to give up tea with 1 sugar so the green tea isnt going down too weel, im usually still drinkign it when its cold!

Just had jacket with beans and salad for lunch.....

I have also just joined the gym... had my first induction on Saturday. I have my 2nd induction on Tuesday night then I can be let free to get on withit myself....

I have been a member of a gym before but I would just go... put like 20 minutes into the machine do about 5 then give up!

Decided to start fresh at a new gym just down the road so no excuse, asked all the questions I should have known from the last place, actually paid attention and got a personal programme which I am really going to try and stick to!

Im 23 (24 on Sunday) a size 16 and im just looking for people in the same boat willing to chat our way through this....

Aim is 10 stone by May 13th next year as we have just booked a holiday to Jamaica.

Sorry to rant on.... Hope everyone is having a nice day :)
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One day at a time, one step at a time
You took the first step, you can do this!

Have you tried green tea with lemon? Its supposed to be more palitable. I've not tried it yet but many have said this.

Being away from home is always harder, you could take a few things with you or try to make sensible choices where possible.

Slimming world, in my opinion is the best eating plan if you love food :D

I'll pop back in and see how you are getting on. If you have a bad meal, bad day, draw a line under it and move on, it limits the damage. Thats what I do now. We all have bad days.


Better to Drink your Syns
Never thought I would say it, having previously been a WW devotee, but SW is definately far more satisfying, and the choice of meals etc are endless.
Have a good birthday x
Thanks guys,

im onto my 3rd green tea of the day, although my 3rd is cold and teh cup is still full!

Yeah im going to pack a few things/snacks etc. See how it goes. Just found a SW local to my dads so goign to have a WI in Thurs as normal.

Hopefully this will keep me on track because knowing i wasnt going to get weighed for 2 weeks meant i ate a pizza on sunday :(

Yeah ive tried WW before and got bored of teh same meals everyday, definately going to stick with SW as I can eat what I like... well apart from pizzas, cakes and sweets!

Anyone know a recipe for a low syn pizza I could make myself?

Good news is its BBQ at my dads tomorrow so goign to stick to chicken and steak with salad... im going to try and stay clear of the burgers in massive bread buns!!

Hope you are all having an easy week (well as easy as it can be, when your dieting )


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