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gona try judding

hi guys, ive decided that i'm gonna give judding a go starting tomorrow, my weight has been stalling, moving up and down the scales so lets see what happens, i'm not too sure of what to do except that i'm allowed 500cals on a DD and 2000 on a up day so i'll be following that.

does anyone no what i'm suppose to be eating on the different days or can i eat anything i want as long as i stick to my calories?

thanks in advance xx
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Good luck with Juddering.

You can eat whatever you like as long as it is within the calories allowed.

I tried it for a week before I came down with a bad flu and been off all dieting since...

In the meantime my book arrived explaining the diet and where I was doing my best to eat all of the calories on an upday which I found very difficult most days, the book explains that you do not have to do that but to eat until your appetite is satisfied.:)
thanks mini, really helpful information, i'm very exited about starting tomorrow, think i will start on a down day and will have slimfast shakes spilt in four tiny portions and an apple before bed.


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Sounds good and don't forget plenty of water throughout the day which will help!
thanks mini, really helpful information, i'm very exited about starting tomorrow, think i will start on a down day and will have slimfast shakes spilt in four tiny portions and an apple before bed.
Good luck Tamzy, let us know how you get on! Juddd has worked really well for me on the weeks that I have stuck to it :rolleyes:
Good luck Tamzy, let us know how you get on! Juddd has worked really well for me on the weeks that I have stuck to it :rolleyes:
Thanks Leese, i'll definately let you guys no how i'm getting on each day. i'm going to keep a food diary on my calories and overall progress. hopefully it will be successful for me,
Take care xx
ok, gd morning everyone.... its almost half 12 and i'm feeling really positive about living on 500cals today lol...heres todays menu.

B - 1 slice wholemeal toast ( 80) 1 tablespoon 3%fat cottage cheese with red peppers and sweet chilli ( 40) cherry tomatoes and cucumber splashed with tobasco sauce. ( 20), 1 cup black coffee no sugar no milk. * 140 cals* 1g fat

L - roasted sweet potato and red pepper soup *150cals* 2g fat

D - Tuna (100), cherry tomatoes ( 10), cucumber(5) and 1 cup steamed veggies ( 40), 2 baby new potatoes (50). *205 cals* 0g fat

Drinks will be 3 litres of water to keep me nice and full throughout the day.

Total calories today is ....... 495, so thats 5 cals under.
Nice to have another juddd newbie! Welcome :D looks like your first dd went really well hun. I and others find it's easier on a dd if you wait as long as possible before eating, as once you start your body wants your and you end up hungry. I usually don't eat until at least 2pm on a dd, obviously eat normally with breakfast on an ud. But you know you best, so if it's works best for you having breakfast on dd's go for it.

Good luck hun xx
Thanks for your advise stirky, it all makes sense, i crave foods especially in the mornings, as soon as i start eating i cant stop ( well these days anyway lol) so today i started to eat after 12pm which works well, im loving the fact that i can eat so much on a DD and be so full, you'd be shocked on the amount of low calorie foods you can eat and not feel so deprived considering i'm diabetic so thats good in my books. i am loving my spicy sweet potato soup, i made a huge batch, the whole pot was under 200 cals. sorry for going on but i'm loving this idea of juddering,

hope your day is going well

well my sister decided to join me today and she insisted she wanted to start on a dd so im doing a DD again today! so far everythings going fine for me. heres whats on todays menu,

B - 1 glass of water and a huge mug of citrus green tea.

L - 1 glass of water and a huge mug or pineapple and grapefruit green tea.

Mid afternoon - homemade butternut squash soup * 100*

S - apple and green tea* 60*

D - mushrooms *20*, mixed veg*30*, brocolli*20*, cherry tomatoes* 10*, tuna in brine *120*and half a packet of tomato and onion pasta n sauce * 60*

S - 1 small boiled egg *60* and 1 crackerbread *19*

Drinks 2 litres of water and 6 cups of green tea.
exercise are 150 minutes of brisk walking.
total calories today.... 499
good morning everyone, i'd like to say how great i feel, its an up day for me finally so here whats on todays menu,

B - 50g porrige oats and 200ml skimmed milk * 250*

S - Apple *60*

L - 2 Quorn sausages * 102* 200g baked beans * 180* 2 slices brown bread *154* 1 tbs cottage cheese and chives * 30*

D - jacket potato * 200* tuna in brine *120* mixed veg *50* cottage cheese *30*

S - 2 cracker bread* 38* 1 tsp cottage cheese *20*

Drink are 4 cups of green tea and 2 litres of plain water.

no exercise today as its pouring outside.

Total calories today........... 1,207
I don't think you are eating enough on an up day. You have to eat enough to 'trick' your body into thinking it's not on a diet. It's the change in calories that triggers the 'skinny gene'. And 1207 calories are the amount most people on a low-calorie diet would find to be the lowest they should go.

It is really hard to get into the mind set of eating what you fancy, not what you think you should eat. I remember the guilt I used to feel when I first started, but it is long gone now. :D

And you don't have to eat junk food to up your calories, you can still eat healthy, if that is what you are worried about. eg salmon, nuts, eggs, higher calorie fruit and veg, normal bread, olive oil etc.

Good luck in upping your calories, haha, what other diet can you say that?:p

thanks sanghi, i really feel guilty on a normal day eating more tham 1200 its more like a habit to me, i will definately have some more extra foods later on after dinner or so as i feel quite full. lol atleast i can eat loads and still lose weight, really strange thinking about it as a diet xx
B - 30g branflakes and milk - 130

L - same as breakfast - 130

D - 100g new potatoes * 70* scrambled egg *80* mixed veg *50*

S - cottage cheese and 1 crackerbread - *40*
yesterday was an upday and i had,

B - 200g baked beans, 2 dry fried egg, 1 wholemeal bread roll and a dollop of cottage cheese.

L - 2 wholemeal bread rolls and 50g oats porridge with a few tsp's of sweetener.

D - pasta and tuna salad with mushrooms, red pepper, scotch bonnet pepper, tomato, seasoned with spices, a bit of light french honey mustard dressing and mayonaise to up the calories.

friday 02/04/10 DD

B - 28g asda oats, 100g natural yugort mixed in, a few sweeteners, ripe plums and strawberries. *200*

L - popcorn * 40* 5 crackerbread * 100* 2 tbs cottage cheese * 30*

D - vegetable soup homemade * 100*

S - 2 tiny satsumas - 30.

another successful day and i'm loving it.
hey guys i'm happy to report that i lost 4lbs on my first week of juddering, i had a day off yesterday so i'm willing to start off today as a Down day, so heres what i'm aiming to eat.

B - 2 tomatoes - *20* 2 boiled eggs *180*= 200

L - Fish and Tomato * 150*

D - Tuna steak, spring onions and tomatoes. * 150*

500 cals on the dot, yaaay
Hi Tamzy,

Just catching up as I haven't been on here for a week! Wow you're doing great, big well done on the 4lbs loss, that's fab!! Yes I struggled too at first eating enough on up days as I came off slimfast so was only having 1200 cals a day on that, yes it is important to eat enough if you aim for 1800-2200 you'll be fine.

Good luck hun xx
Thanks for your post stirky, i love juddering, and it really works for me so i will stick to it, its really weird but i prefer my down days, it makes me feel nice and light.

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