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Gone completely off Track!! =[

Hey Guys,
Im a student, and joined weight watchers almost a year ago. I honestly believed that it was the best thing that happened to me. I breezed through what i believed to be some of the most 'challenging' times in any 22 year old students life. i.e Easter (Im the biggest chocoholic), Freshers and Re Freshers ( I love a drink just like most students), The exam periods (where i constantly need to be grazing), The regular mon/wed student nights out, the girly holidays and even Christmas!!!- Weight Watchers didnt stop me doing anything it was a life style i loved and believed i could maintain forever. I was so passionate about it, i honestly believed i lived and breathed everything it represented. Dropping 74lbs and getting to gold in 5months, i think i can quite easily say it is was one of my biggest achievements, so much so that i even applied to be a leader...
The past few weeks however i honestly do not know what has happened me!! I'm so embarrassed/ disappointed with myself that i have slipped back in to a routine that i thought was well behind me. I LITERALLY EAT EVERYTHING!!- and most of the time i don't even enjoy it. Doing midnight trips to tescos to get massive bars of chocolate and junk that makes me feel like complete Sh*t after!! I literally cannot carry on doing this, but have lost complete motivation!! :(
I hate the fact that my size 8's dont go near me anymore, and my size 10's are getting snug, my flabby bits are coming back and my confidence has once again disappeared, refusing to go out with the girls last night because i looked to fat!!
Help me guys!! Seriously any stories, hints,tips ANYTHING lol!! I cant not go back to being a size 18 :(.
I lost the majority of my weight using the old point system, however i'm going to get back on the Propoints!!
I will be on 29PP and plan on posting up all my daily eating plans in the hope that it will keep me on track and motivate me!! Obviously correct me and make suggestions!!- I need all the help i can get.
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oh bless you!

i feel exactly the same, i've put 2lb on this week and i'm very frustrated with myself, feel like hiding from the world because i feel like a failure and like i'm never going to shift the weight that i need to.

all i can suggest is that you do what i'm doing... start again tomorrow, forget all your mistakes, forget that you've gone off track... tomorrow is a new day and the beginning of the rest of your life as a slim and healthy individual. you've done it before and can certainly do it again.

take yourself food shopping tomorrow and fill the cupboards with some nice food that will help you stay within your points and start as you mean to go on. :)
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Don't be embarrassed or disappointed you've done amazing.

I believe that everyone has a diet cycle and after a certain amount of time on a plan of any kind with something dictating to you going off track is natural and normal.

Mine cycle is 3 weeks so didn't lose but sts this week. Picked at the meals I was cooking popped more sweets that I should etc. You've identified your weakness and what you need to do and have done it before.

Like BBBNH said just drawn a line under it and take back that control. :)

Good luck and keep us updated.

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