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Gone off Slimfast!

Did you keep the bottle? You should take it back to where you bought it or contact slimfast about it, that can't be good!


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I buy them wherever there are offers on and I always have a big stash in my fridge. I am down to my last ten bottles as I am switching to the powder as it's cheaper. I only have one for breakfast during the working week or an hour before an exercise class.

I have emailed slimfast this morning so we will see what they say.

It was like curdled milk. yuck!
Hopefully they'll get back to you and you may get some vouchers or something! I never use the ready mades, always use powder blended with ice cubes, lovely!


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Ooh I will have to try it with ice cubes. I have been using the ready mades for ages. I prefer them to the powder. (Probably a lazy thing!) Except the chocolate powder is nicer than the ready made but it never seems to mix properly! The £2.34 deal in Tescos at the moment convinced me to make the switch though.
Yep I don't like them unless I blend them with ice. You can get a hand blender in Tesco for under a fiver!

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I find the chocolate one comes out a bit grainy


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I had another one this morning. Luckily I had the foresight to pour it in a glass first! I think it must be the whole of the 6 pack I had bought. I kept the bottle and didn't rinse it out for recycling this time. Haven't heard back from slimfast yet, but they may want me to send it.
I haven't tried the ready made ones for ages, but when I did (when they were in tins) thought they tasted so metally I didn't like them at all, the powder is much better in my opinion, although should imagine the ready mades are better now in bottles.

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