Gonna get my life back on track!!

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Made a major descision today. Gonna get my mirena coil removed later on this afternoon. I was told that having this fitted was my "last option" before a hysterectomy:( due to lots of probs with periods etc. (way too many things to list lol) Since having it fitted my existing problems remained and in fact got worse and i have put on weight and although have managed to loose 6llb since the start of January I know that the hard work and effort i am putting in with SW should be showing a far greater loss. I feel totally demotivated when I step on the scales and haven't lost or have put on due to the fact that my body is in constant TOTM mode:mad: So tomorrow is my new begining - I haven't felt this positive in a long long time. Thanks for your time and sorry if I have posted this in the wrong section:(
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ah i really hope you start to feel better xxxxx well done for your new found determination x


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I hope you feel better soon. I had a mirena coil a few years ago and it just made me spotty and moody all the time. I think the hormones in it make your body think it's pregnant, hence why menstruation often stops completely.